Wednesday, 16 August 2017

21 Cute Things To Say To Him

It's not all left to the guys to say, send him that text and letting him know you are as committed and love him as much. 

*Cute Things To Say To Him*

If the heavens ever gave me something to be happy for twas the day I saw you because there and then I knew I had met the one

You are the one that I really want to spend my whole life with, you and no one else

There's many a guy I have felt like I love but meeting you, I didn't just feel it I knew right away

Loving me and knowing I mean a lot to you, I couldn't have wished for anything else

You feed so strong a passion into my heart that each time I wonder how come I never loved you since

Your love is to me my greatest weapon and weakness. 

You are my everything, my summer, my spring, my sunshine and my rain. 
You are my everything

Being pledged to love and live with you is the one gift I asked of life ever since the first day we met

Loving you makes me feel like a child again waiting for her father to come back home

You may not be the loveliest on earth or the most beautiful but to me you are everything I wouldn't wish other ways

You are like a cushion to me when the whole world's beating me down. 
You are my assurance

Loving you is like nothing I've ever felt, it's like heaven touching the depth of my soul 

I feel you are like a prophecy of happy times promised. 
You are my everything

Like a yo-yo, you make me dangle my heart in joy and pure ecstasy just thinking of you

You my love I long more than food in a belly

Once in a blue moon only can never be a love as I love you because I love you like nothing else

You make my life replete in such joy as though unquantifiable

I always knew it was inevitable to fall in love with you from the first day you said hello

You are my reason to be joyful without a need for seasons

You are like my heaven on this hell called earth

I can swear loving you is like when the curtains of the heavens open all to send unbound amount of joyfulness to my soul

20 What To Text Your Girlfriend

Text that girlfriend of yours letting her know that you have her on your brain right now. 

*What To Text Your Girlfriend*

I love you much more than I can ever imagine to describe, you are the best of my life

You are every of my wish come true. 
You are even the wishes I never made

I will breast the crest of waves and climb the highest mountain for you just to prove my love for you if ever there need

You are than a reason to be happy, you are my world without you is empty space

I want to see the world through your eyes then I can know what makes you tingle because through your eyes I feel heaven. 
Love you so much dear

If a netherworld is real then I don't want to love if I am not loving you

Your love makes me feel fine even when suffocating under water. 

When I am with you it seems like I was made for that. 
I love you so much

You are the best of the best a man can be proud to say he has seen, you are a lover like no one else and you make my life worth living

Baby being with you makes me happy and as a child born new, you make me feel childish in love

As good food is to the belly it's how the thoughts of you is to my mind. 
It's like nothing else

You are to me like rain is to a plant, you are my sustenance

My love for you will never fade not until the world fades first

Fated am I to you like our destiny's intertwined and with you I know I've found my reason why

You are worth every inch in creation perfectly spent on you because I'll not have you any other way even the imperfections in you

I love you and my loving you ever makes me feel like I could just pause the world and enjoy forever with you

Being with you I finally understand how love is blind because you make me blind to your every faults happily

I cannot live a day without the thought of you, it's like living a day without food

If perfection ever has a name it's your imperfections because they define other perfection out there

If loving you is my name, then in ready to sweetly die lying in your arms in love

20 I Love You Texts

*I love you*, maybe so little a word but carries magical powers, tell that special person in your life you love them now. 

*I Love You Texts*

I love you and this I'm never shy to say not even if I stand before a thousand obstacles, your love will set me free

I must say being in love you, I love you no less everyday or more because my love for you is like an eternal heart full, no more, no less

Your love is the fuel in me, I love you than I can ever imagine to describe

You are the music in me and my love for you as sparkling as the eyes of the sun

I love you still, even if the apocalypse happens now or I am too breathe my last or the sky falls, I'll love you no less

Your loving me is the best thing to have happened to me, it's as liberating as rainbow in the rain

I love you so much more than anything else in the world, you are the novelty in my soul

Being a soulmate to you was and is everything I could ever want. 
I love you so much

I love you like I never did anyone else and I don't think I'll ever for anyone else

You are the joy in my life and doting upon you is my pastime

The day I'll put ring of reeds on your finger and say to the whole world I love you, that day even now I know will be best day of my life

You are everything I need to make a perfect husband. 
I love you so much

Your love to me is like nothing ever felt, it's like bolts of electric rushing up my brain to give me reasons to be happy always

Loving you is what I'll never tire of not in this lifetime or the next 

Your love brings out the best in me, it's like showers of blessings above

I love you more than anything that ever roaches the earth

You are my backdoor to heaven and with you I'm certain of eternal ecstasy

Loving you is one of the very reason that keeps my heart in perfect harmony with my mind because when it comes to you, they are in thrall

You are the perfect condiment of a happy matrimony. 
I love you so much my love

Like Samson, for you I'll fight
Like Romeo for you I'll die
And as I am for you I'll also live, I love you so much

20 Cute Pics To Send To Boyfriend

Send a picture to that boyfriend of yours with an apt message to cap it all up. 
Here you go

*Cute Pics To Send To Boyfriend*

Remember this moment we shared, it's one I'd love to relive all my life

The way I feel for you, my love has no fee because it's unquantifiable

Loving you is something that I will never trade anything for. 

Like no zero in a calendar so is there not a tint of hate I could ever have for you because my love for you is wholesome

You are better to me than my favorite movie because the novelty of your face is always fresh 

If chance gives me a chance too right my wrongs and one of them is you, then I won't take it because you are a wrong I never wish to be right

You make me happy to think of a future

I cannot fathom how life would have been without you but I know with you it's complete happiness

You are the best story of my life and more so my hero like in a movie

Like stacks of CD on a DJ player is how your love is stacked on my heart and more so immovable

Loving anyone else will be a nightmare because from loving you alone is my dream fulfilled

You are by a mile the best thing to ever happen to me as the day I met you my happiest day on earth

The object of my heart, soul, eye and mind will forever be you my love 

You are to me what no one can ever take from me. 
You are my world 

If my heart was a gallery then you are a priceless work of heart 

You conquer my fears just by a look into your eyes and I know I never want to be alive without you

I feel like I need to capture every moment I am with you because everyday with you is priceless 

You give me such sweet sweetness unlike anything I ever felt 

You are the only thing that I can never tire of

Your love to me is priceless than anything ever priced

21 Flirty Quotes For Her

Too many a relationship lose the spark because of dying romance, don't fall victim and keep the fire up with messages like this.

*Flirty Quotes For Her*

Baby right now I can feel your breath running down my nape in the perfect ecstasy and God knows that for you I can forever feel this way

Seeing this couple beside me makes me just want to get with you soon because I can see us in them
Can't wait to see you my love

Baby right now I could think of a thousand things I'll do with you just to make you understand how much I feel for you

The juices from the store of your kisses are like a drop of Manna from above and I want to be drowned in it

To hear my name on your lips sweet and soft as the wind is passions being burnt in my soul to enact

I can feel embers of passionate desires burning upon my soul right now and I just want to get with you to make you know how much it is

I feel so much like I'm lost in reason like a tiger awaiting it's prey and I just want to get with you right now

To hold you in ways I have never done before and hear you utter my name in sheer delight is a passion brewing in my soul even to this instant

I can feel you next to me reaching for my face and fondling them in your chest my love, please come and make this fantasies real dear

The sound of thunder hold nothing in might to the pleasing sensation I get from your voice, O! baby I miss you so much

I wish I were to wind to ripple under your shirt and feel you next to me

Having to make you call my name and feel you body on mine is like heaven manifesting on earth and I want that you

The promises of your kisses is like nothing compared before its like honey to my taste

Cannot wait further to see you before me and us together in love till the wane of night. 
Get home soon dear

Your flawless body next to mine bent in the purest form of ecstasy, that how much I beckon my desires with you right now and I just cannot wait more minutes than I feel for you now

You are in my heart like the clouds are hung in the sky, my love I will give it all to be near you right now

Being beside you too be your pillow sharer, bed companion and our kisses exchanged, heavens knows that's where I want to be right now

How like the shine of an eternal sunshine you make me feel is nothing I ever felt

With you, I can swear there's no better love making through the night because you are heaven at its best

Your body entwined with mine like Nature's divine, I can swear it's the one thing I'll give the world for

I will trade nothing to the blessings of your snuggles and cuddles and kisses that only you know how to give to me flawlessly

20 Texting Girlfriend

Texting anywhere and everywhere to your lover makes them know even without them your think of them. 
Well, try that now

*Texting Girlfriend*

Can't believe you are there and I'm here baby, I can't wait to get with you soon.
Coming baby

Hi, dearest love, I hope all is well and I wish you safe journey home.
Come home soon baby I miss you

Morning my love, I woke up today and it was you started my day, the thoughts that I'll see you today

I must confess I can't wait to get with you soon today

Hello love, how are you at the office?
Do you mind a date out tonight if you are free? 

Hello baby love, how was your night, just thought to be the first to say morning. 

It would be nice going out with you my love tonight, I miss you so much 

Hello love, been in the office all day and I just thought I should text to check on you.
How are you doing? 

My love, I'm here waiting till the hours all pass and I could see you again.
Do your feel same way too because I badly do

Loving you my love is one of the loveliest I'll use my life for. 

Hope you are thinking of me my love because I just can't put three thoughts together without you in it

Right here right now I just wish you beside me that you could see how I badly want to be beside you

Hello love, can't wait to be home with you tonight , how is the work at far? 

The reverie I get thinking of you alone is like the joy of a thousand angels my love

Right now my love if the end is near I'll still thrill myself with the thought of you 

O! my love you are everything in my life that has no equal and I just want to be near you right now 

You know I've been staring at my fone ever since waiting for you to say hi. 
How have you been? 

Loving you kills my every ego making me want to go on my knees each time to beg that you never leave me, ever

Hello my sunshine, how was your night out with the girls? 

You are always the piece that set all the other pieces straight. 
I miss you lots love

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

20 Long Cute Messages For Her

Messages that touches the heart, send to that special girl now and make her know you think of her

*Long Cute Messages For Her*

Ever since I said yes to you my life has been belayed to joy tightly. Thanks dearest love 

Loving your avails me a joy bountiful as the substance in the seas

You make it all beautiful, that although the world seems lost and frightening and evil and with you I find assurance

You are everything that that brought happiness my way and without you is loneliness

The reason why you gift me the blessings unbeknown is not just that I met you before anyone else but that we are fated to be

If my heart was a quill then you are the only inkwell I'll ever be dipped in

You are the most wonderful thing of things to have happened in my life and to that I'll ever be grateful

My life is a joyous ground today because I have you in it

You turn me from Mr Lonely too Mr Glee, thanks for all you imparted on my life

You are the every reason I am forever grateful to living and without which life is just another collection of passive days

You are a lover that I can never outgrow because you are the definition of novelty itself

Loving you is not a reason I breathe but the reason

If fairy tale were real then you are the definition of that

At the end of the day, when time ages, and we all pass onto the netherworld, my love, I'll forever be grateful that I was loved by you

I must say I always scoff at happy endings but ever since I met you I found myself praying for one

Your are all the plausibility of true ecstasy in my life for your are my everything

In your eyes I can swear the heavens have passed through earth to give me their privileges

You make me understand how it is to be loved truly has never want to let go

The world is to me like lightning and you my mother as in your arms I find assurance when the world strikes for you give me safety

You are the blessings from above that was never promised but from you all I have found is nothing more than joy

19 Romantic Quotes

Being romantic is a lot of work but it starts with messages like this. 

*Romantic Quotes*

Me loving you is like the wheel to my soul because it brings me happiness when I'm with you

You are the every reason why when I face the consequences of life, I come out headstrong because I am assured by an angel that is you

Tiff make my life fraught with do much joy that sometimes I fear being too happy

I don't know if I'm going crazy but you make me feel happy to the point I hope to be saddened sometimes because the happiness you I feel undeserving of your love 

You are so beautiful to my eyes like eternal sunshine that never fades

Loving you makes me feel so passionate about life that I just have to get up each day and make you a proud lover

If guardian angel are true is no longer a question because I have one by you

Suffice it to say but your love to me is nothing describable

I love you so much that words will ever pale in saying how much because you encapsulate  my everything joy

You are like my favorite movie seeing you forever gives me joy

Your hands that fits perfectly on mine cannot be any truer why we are fated to be because you are mine as I am yours

You are the very reason I look forward to every wee seconds of life

How much I think that if I never met you I wouldn't be this happy yet you make me happy beyond my imagination

You make my world so bright that no amount of discerning could ever explain how sweetly you make my insides feel

If the Saints touches are impeccable, try a kiss from you because it's magical

You are the reason life gives to me a reason to live

Ever since I met you I knew how it must feel to be in heaven

You are to me heaven and with all its heavenly seem

Every iota of your lovely face is like gold mine where holds true more beauty than ever seen

20 Cute Things To Text A Girl

Send that cute message to that girl that you share passions with now.

*Cute Things To Text A Girl*

I love you so much cutie pie because your love gifts me a joy like no other one can 

The way you smile makes the rainbows envious wishing they held more colors

Blessed is the day I met your because since that day life has shown itself more precious in my sight and beautiful

Good times rolling like Rolling Stones is how I feel always when I'm with you

You are all the best thing to have been given me by fate

If loving you is my only task on earth I'm wine and dine on that love and will never be tired

Each time I think what I stand to lose without your love I feel I'll be lost without you

I love you so much it would seem life a labyrinth without you

More than the very reason I breathe, I love you than anything

Meeting you was when I understood magic is real because you cannot be defined save by magic 

How much I love you is much more than the reason why

Not so much woman catch my heart but you my love, you caught my soul

Loving you is the one realest thing that I'll never forfeit

Loving you to me is more than anything I had ever imagine love to be because being with you is blissful

You are more than what I dreamt of in a woman because you combine reality and fantasy all in one

If loving you is a sin then I don't want to be righteous

You are where I belong and forever to your smile is where I want to be found

My greatest joy since finding you is being the one person to bring the smile to your cheeks

Forever you will remain in my heart but here and the hereafter because our love is one that transcends death

You make my earth has pure ecstasy of heaven seem

20 You will miss me quotes

Missing someone you love can never be something to be happy about nor is someone missing you too.

*You will miss me quotes*

Not that I should be my happiest knowing we should part but I promise you you'd miss me

I may be gone from your life and your quasi-joy may seem evident now but the truth I know is that you will surely miss me 

In so much as I could swear myself I'd miss you, I can't but hope patiently that you'd miss me so dearly and run back to my arms

You will miss me and even if I don't know how tomorrow fortunes to be I'll always miss the moments we had too

Like an emotionless tong left to fire to burn but without feelings, so are you to feign no emotion as we part but I know you'll miss us when I'm gone

I'm going to really miss you so much and there's no telling how much but even though I know you'll miss me too, I hope you don't miss me as much as I do you

You'll miss me and I that I know is true but nothing compares all the same to how much as I'll miss you as we temporarily part

I know you'll miss me when it's all over in this short stay of mine but I wish I could tarry more because I'll miss you as much

I'm a rover and never have I been tempted to stay as I was with you but even though I'll miss you alas, I'm a rover abs it's what I'm be always

I know you'll miss me as I'll miss you but just await the sweet happenstance when we should finally see again. 
Love you my love 

You may think me dispensable but I promise you you'll miss me when i'm gone

I know that beneath your facade which you show that as is now you shall miss me so much when I go

I promise that you'll miss me because except your heart has gone cold, all of those beautiful moment and times we had cannot be easily forgotten.

I know you'll miss me even when you miss me now and hide it beneath this veneer but know I'll always love you my ex

I miss and love you every step of a new day my love but I'm certain that even so you shall miss me more

I know if not one thing this truth is that you feel still for me and you'll miss me regardless of your feigned look to deny all of it

Even though that all of this is but a seeming Deja Vu to enact again to fall out of love with me as you fell in, I know this time you truly love me and will miss me just as much

I miss you dearly beloved and I know by fate you miss me just as much but nonetheless some things are not meant to last.
Good bye love

Will surely miss our friendship, our love history and story altogether but I hope you miss me less than I am missing you now because I miss you so much dear ex

Although greedy may you call me but I know when fate finds me six feet below the ground, my memories shall be alive when you miss me