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21 Congratulation Messages For Success in Exams

The perfect message to send to a loved one who is successful on his examination is this ones laid as easily to you.

Congratulation Messages For Success in Exams

Congratulation my dear friend on the success in your papers, I wish you even more success in coming ones

My dear sister, I was informed of your papers and knowing you are doing well is a pride of mine.
Congratulations my dear

I'm so happy to utmost ecstasy to know you are thriving in your papers, I will keep on praying for you that you do even better.

I'm all peachy knowing you made all your papers my dear,
It's really a cause for celebration

I had hope so and now it's a reality knowing you A'd all your papers. 
Congratulation my prince

My friend, I guess congratulation should be in order since you've passed your papers and the next step await

I'm so happy for you my son, for you unlike others on your first try has passed this examination where many have failed

Congratulation my pride and happiness, I wish you even more examination successes to beat.
I'm so happy for you my dear

I heard my big brother that you were given some kind of reckoning because by your success in your exams you made your school proud, I must say you really are a role model to me and I congratulate you. 
Wish you the best

I pray you do even more better than the former have been able to my dear friend and I congratulate you on your successful exam.

I cannot even bring myself to tell you how many a time I wrote this exam in my heydays and you on your first time has triumphed. 
Congratulation my dear nephew

Congratulation my love for your success in your exams, it's such a joy you bring to me knowing you are excelling do far

Congratulation to the girl, I must confess has it all, brain and facials.
Now more than ever the boys will seek you more, Lol
Congratulation on your papers dear sister, you are the best

Congratulation my little brother, good to see you follow in my footsteps and your papers have shown your true colors.
Congratulation my dear brother

There's no contending you my little sister, I only feared you will verge on your nerdy self too much but all the same since it seems to be advantageous to you. 
I wish you more success in your exams

Congrats my princess on your papers, I wish you more success to come, Amen

Congratulation my dear, it is such a pique in my pride to know you thrive and set the standard in success in school. 
Congratulation dear 

Congratulation to the boy who has shown himself credible, hardworking and intelligent even self, I wish you many more success to come.
Congratulation my dear boy and son

One truth my son is that you bring such joy unbeknown to me and your father on your exploit in school and I pray you never relent on continuing to do so

How can I congratulate you enough my dear, I I know how much you have put into this and I am so happy for you, take care and keep making us your family proud, Congratulation dear

To my lovely sister, I heard you did so well in your exams and I must confess I am so proud of you

20 Congratulation Messages for Team Members

A victory for the team and what better way to congratulate them than these. 

Congratulation Messages for Team Members

Congratulation my team member, we could never have been successful without each one of us making even the tiniest of effort.
Congratulation once more

Congratulation my team, it is such a great thing to have sailed to the shores of victory with which without the lot of on the helms would never have been possible.

Congratulation to you all for today, it fills me with so much joy to know that as a team we have prevailed

They say two heads are better than one but indeed it is only two good heads and you guys have proven not good but excellent.
Congratulation to you all

Congratulation my lovely team mates, you have shown that alliance and cooperation is an under appreciated factor.
Cheers to you and more victories yet to achieve

Congratulation my dearest and beloved team members, I am very happy for you all and celebrate you more because victory is nothing without you. 

Congratulation my team members and friends, I congratulate you for proving more than anything your worth. 
Here's to more victory to come

Congratulation my team, we always wished this day of success and now that it has come, the victory is nothing compared to the fact that I congratulate you and appreciate your effort more. 

Congratulation my mates, you guys are the bomb, nothing makes me happier than the lot of you in happiness and joy with me. 
I wish you all the best

Congratulations to every one of you that made it all possible and plausible, I pray for even more strength. 

Congratulation to the best the best thing that happen to us as a member and that's togetherness, I greet every one of you even better days to hint come.

Congratulation my friend and teammates, may today, a day of victory only prove so little of the mammoth we shall achieve as one.

Congratulation my teammates, I say a big hurray to every one of you.
And I pray for even a better future.

Indomitable and effective lot are the lot of you my teammates, I pray for better things to come for to us. 

Congratulation to team work, to team effort and oneness, I bid all of you, the best to come. 

In abundance may we further strive as one. 
Congratulation to you all, my dear

As long as we are together, we are stronger than apart, congratulation to everyone for the victory out there today

Impossibility is only a myth if we are together, love you all my team, I pray for many more successful exploit to come

I pray that after this triumph shall ensue even greater than shall put to nothing this one, Amen 
Congratulation my team

Congratulation to the reason and the why it all seemed possible out there today, to you all, I say a big congratulation.
Cheers and let the celebration begin

20 Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony

To a newly born child whose naming is at hand and you want to congratulate his/her parent.
This is a list better than no other to do so
Try it

Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony

It is such joy to behold an innocent little child and knowing that his name will forever be with him is a lovely thing even more
Congratulation on your naming dear

Some say a child's naming tallies with his fate, although I don't know which I believe, I say a big congratulation on your naming ceremony dear

Congratulation on your naming today my dear, I wish him a life that will be worthy of the beautiful name he'll receive.

Congratulation my son on your child's naming, I am so happy you have made me the happiest of grandma.

Congratulation to you and your lovely wife my dear child and on your son's naming, I pray for blessings unknown before to him in abundance.

Congratulation my sweet child, happy am I to be part of the blissful party to celebrate your child's naming.

It is really a thing of extreme joy indeed on your child's naming 
Congratulation my boss and to your darling wife

It may be called a child's naming but it truly is a naming for you my child from a wife to a mother, congratulation my child

Congratulation to my friend and his companion on this joyous occasion that cause for undue celebration and mirth.
Congratulation my friend on your child's naming

I wish your lovely daughter a long beautiful and happy life that will signal the representation of your lovely family.
Congratulation dear

On a beautiful ceremony as the naming of a child, I say congratulation my dear 

Congratulation to you my bosom friend, it is indeed a day to be joyful as your child is to be known by a name and I hope one that will determine a good fate to him.

Congratulation on being everything you could have wished, a mother at last, my dear. 
I wish your child a beautiful future ahead

Congratulation my son to your family which is mine too, I pray that God bless you with even more to come. 
Congratulation on on your son's naming ceremony

On your daughters naming, it, I must confess is a happy thing which I can't congratulate you enough on because knowing you have wished it long since and the achieving of it, it brings me a happy feeling as it does you. 
Congratulation on your daughter's naming dear

Congratulation on being the man I expected long since of you, a father at last. 
Congratulation in your child's naming

Congratulation my uncle, to be the joyful victor of this brilliant day together with your wife is a joy from God and I pray you may never weep over your child.
Congratulation in his naming

In naming a child, it is believed it is as important to the child being, if so I wish your lovely child the best of names to bear. 
Congratulation on your naming dear. 

Congratulation my boss on your wife's naming her it fills me with joy to celebrate you even better and I must say that this long awaited success is truly a joy to us all your beloved friends.
Congratulation in your child's naming

Congratulation in your child's naming, coz
I pray that he may never experience an otherwise hateful life but prove a happier person than his parents even. 
Congratulation on your son's naming dear

21 Congratulation Messages For Winning

Victory has just that element to make for all the times of striving and to commend someone on it is a chivalrous thing to do.
Here's a list of messages to help you acknowledge someone on winning. 

Congratulation Messages For Winning

My bro, it never gets better than claiming the big prize after it all. 
I congratulate you bro

I congratulate you my dear friend on this sweet smelling victory, it really must be so cool to win after all the years of trying. 
Wish you the best bro

I am so proud of my big brother, I heard you prised the biggest prize and won the tournament, I am so happy to the moon and back. 

Congratulation my boss on winning the long time contract you have struggled so hard for, we the staff really appreciate you for acknowledging us too. 
Congratulation dear boss

To my darling wife, I love you and am so happy for you on winning this award.
Cheers to you dear.

I would be surprise if I say I am surprise to see you emerge winner because I know you deserve even more in respect of the work you have put in it. 
Con my dear.

I cannot fathom the depth of my elation for and with you this instant but I can say that I am so filled with happiness for you. 

Congratulation to the winner, my uncle.
I was so thrilled upon hearing your name announcement. 

Till now dear sister, I still revel in the joy of your success.
Congratulation on your winning dear

Congratulation to the lover of my life, unlike many chauvinistic men there are, I am so happy you have won this contract because I know your happiness is ours. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my friend, I heard of your successful exploit and I really congratulate you on them because it fills me with so much joy to celebrate you so. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my lovely sister, I celebrate with you on your triumph and I really am joyous for all of our behalf for you. 
Keep on dear

I pray that you despite your hurdles and travails my dear even after your first success still attain many more, Amen

It is said that it the not one battle that count but the war, I congratulate you on winning my fellow members and I believe you still have many more winnings to come

Congratulation my darling husband, I celebrate your winning and for all of us that love you, I wish you all the best

I celebrate you my dear friend and I am so happy you emerge number one in this competition. 

Congratulation on finishing first, I always knew numero uno was your lucky number. 

Congratulation my sweet brother, I am so happy for you and joyful to the brim that you have at last won. 

Congratulation on everything my love, it was always God will you prevail and I am happy you did. 

Congratulation on making it to the biggest stage and claiming the biggest prize. 
I wish you the best dear

Congratulation my lovely friend, I am so happy you have won this big deal. 
May God see you through

20 Congratulation Messages to Sister

True to your sister, to congratulate her in whatever success she has attained, here's a perfect list to help do so

Congratulation Messages to Sister

I wish even upon this more blessings to ensue after this very one.
Congratulation my dear sister

Congratulation to you my lovely sister, may the curtains of heaven unfurl to release even more blessings to you that we may have even more cause to celebrate you. 

To my darling sister,
On behalf of all your loved ones, kin and kith, we say a big congratulation on your promotion

Congratulation for everything you have managed to garner and in so little time, I really am happy for you dear sister. 

Congratulation on making it as I always knew you would. 
A big hurray to that my dear sister. 
Love you

Congratulation my dear sister, it truly is such joy to be hearing you are excelling bountifully in your toils, I wish you even more success to show

Congratulation to my beautiful sister, I hope to this all the time in congratulating you even more. 

To my lovely sister, I love you so much and I appreciate you even more on this huge success. 

To plumb the depth of my happiness for you is the so enormous, my dear sister, I love you so much and I am happy you have really been successful after a lifetime of trials. 

Congratulation to you my lovely sister, I heard of your unmatched feat and I was quick to jump for joy for you. 
Congratulation dear on everything.

Congratulation on everything my love, I am so happy for you and I pray you get to be the bearer and receiver of guys l good tidings even for your sake many more time to come

Congratulation on being named for promotion, I am in the seventh heaven for your already, wish you all the best to come 

Congratulation my kin, I think with you there's no end to saying congratulation.

Congratulation once more on another stunt you have successfully pulled my dear sister

Congrats my sister and friend, it fills me to the utmost to know that you are really making it big in the office, I wish you the best

Congrats my lovely sister, it cannot suffice to say a thousand congrats to you but I am so happy to be your siblings as you have done ask of us proud dear

Congratulation my beautiful sister, I am swell in gloat and pride to the extent of pure bliss in learning of your success.

A big congratulation my sister and victor, I am jolly elated for you in mammoth amount for your success. 

Congratulation on everything you have made for yourself from seemingly nothing, it truly gives me so much joy to say this, con dear

Congratulation my little sister, I heard of your success on your exams. 
Nice one dear, keep it up

21 Congratulation Messages For New Car

To a brand new car your close ones have got, here's a perfect list to help congratulate that special someone on his new car.

Congratulation Messages For New Car

Congratulation on getting your new car dear, I am so happy for you my friend that you have gotten cabriolet. 

I hope I get to ride on the maiden voyage of your new car bro. 
Congratulation once more again

WOW! bro, your said so and your did so, I am so happy for you on your new car.

It must be a great thing and so refreshing to do what people say is impossible to do, I am so happy for you have proven doubters wrong.

Congratulation the biggest bro in town, I veneer you for the attainment of your new car. 

I really was stunned to hear you have bought the car of your dreams, congratulation my friend

Congratulation my best friend, I am so happy happy for you as your joy is mine therefore your ride is mine too. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation in bringing to reality your desire the car you always loved with passion. 
I wish you many more in your garage. 

I am so happy for you my brother, I knew it was just about time you make do on your promise to get you a nice rude.

As quick as I want to congratulate you, I hope in attaining this car, it will not just be some vogue you only wish to sate and go in some pointless rat race
All the same, congratulation dear

Congratulation my lovely husband on getting your new slick ride that leaves everyone breathless by its design and novelty. 
I wish you the best dear

I pray that your new car will not be a cause to mourn you but be happy that you, by this car move to greater places. 
Congratulation on attaining it dear

Congratulation my pops on your new car, I hope with this one you will let us more freedom in the former ones. 
Congratulation once more dad

Congratulation my wonderful mom, I was thrilled to ecstasy to hear that got for you a new ride. 
Congratulation once more mom

Congratulation my dear wife, it fills me not with dread but happiness that you have bought for you a new ride, I really am proud although surprised too.
Congratulation my dear wife. 

Congratulation big bro, I am so happy you have gotten the latest ride and now more than ever will the ladies fall thrall by you but just keep your ground. 
Wish you the best

Congratulation my darling husband, I am happy for you and on getting your ride, I couldn't be happier knowing it is for the good of the family. 
Love you so much 

Congratulation my princess, I am happy for you and upon an immense amount of joy, I wish that this new car will only just be the start of better things to come

Congratulation my dear, I am so filled with happiness for you that I could mount the heavens and shout out to the world in joy because it was something I know you planned, a big congrats to you on your brand new jeep mehn, I wish you all the best

Getting a car is one thing I knew when you started our to own and now reaching that goal just showed your doggedness, I congratulate you my dear, congratulation

Congratulation my darling little brother, you have finally gotten your car, I was so thrilled to hear of it. 
I wish you a safe and long relationship with your new ride dear.

21 Congratulation Messages To A New Mom

Congratulatory message to a new mom that just welcomed a child cannot prove better than this list. 
Give me the benefit of the doubt and just peruse through.

Congratulation Messages To A New Mom

Congratulation my dear, it never really bodes well for an African wife with no fruit and I am very happy God has seen to help cleave that shame. 

Congratulation my dear princess and friend, I am so happy you are now in the other side of motherhood albeit new, I am so happy for you. 

Congratulation my dame on our first child and in making us both parent.
Congratulation to you love

Congratulation my beautiful daughter, I was almost going to choke km my joy when I heard you put to bed already, congratulation my daughter for you are now And mother too

I always dreamt the day when I would hold my grandchildren in my bosom too as other older grandma out there, thank you my daughter for bringing joy into this family. 

Congratulation my dear friend, for your happiness and mirth, I am in my joyful cloak already too.
I wish you and your wife the best

Congratulation my lovely children, I am on cloud nine today because you catapulted me there by the tidings of a new addition to our little happy family. 
Thank you and may God grant you more children to follow

I relish this day, the happiest of my life, thank you my lovely wife and congratulation to us on our child

Congratulation my dear friend, I know it must have been hard, labour but seeing your face afterwards, it was like nothing else matters than your baby before you. 
I'm so happy for you dear, congratulation

Congratulation in finally allaying the sling shot of insults that people would normally do by putting to bed. 
I am so happy for you my friend

Congratulation dear sister, your most happy hubby called to greet us of the news of your baby. 
Congratulation and thanks for making me an aunt too

I'm so happy my dear coz, nothing fills me with joy but acknowledging this big day for you. 
I'm so happy that everything is perfect and fine now more than ever in your marriage. 

Congratulation my beauteous sister, I am going to say that being joyful is a misnomer because I am so happy for you beyond words to express it. 
Congratulation in being a mother finally

Congratulation on seeing the Holy Grail of your Matrimony and I am so happy it is coming at this time when it seemed impossible to know that for God nothing is impossible.
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my daughter, I and your mum are both of us so happy today for you have made us so. 

Congratulation and many more children to come in Jesus name. 
Love you my friend

Congratulation on your begotten son who I must say is lucky to have a mother like you, friend. 
A big happiness I wish your dear

Congratulation on your attainment of yours and your husband couple goals, having children can be strenuous but I have not seen a keener lady for babies than you.
Once more congrats

Congratulation in being now in the mom's club, that must be a happy place to be right now for you dear friend, I wish it forever be a cause for happiness dear. 

Congratulations my princess in making this family, a proud name and proving barrenness has no place with us but most of all congrats to your happiness 

Congratulation on bring the mother of a very beautiful kid.
I wish this cause for joy will be the source of many more joy to come even in years

21 Congratulation Messages For Graduation

On the graduation in a special friend or someone, here's how to send a touch of your heart for them to feel.

Congratulation Messages For Graduation

See you amongst the in gatherings of graduates makes me so proud to tell to anyone that you came from this humble woman's womb. 
Congratulations my dear

Congratulation my dear friend, I must say I was moved to envy seeing you mount that stage as your name was announced today but it's your day and I am so happy for you. 

Congratulation in your convocation my lovely brother I am so happy you continue to excel. 
Love you, your younger brother

It's such a beautiful thing that you continue to hoist the emblem of our family name to greater height my dear.
Congratulation on your graduation

Congratulation my lovely sister, you have against all odds come this far and to that end I really celebrate you. 
Hurray to you dear. 

Congratulation my sweet daughter, I was welling with tears of joy when I saw you on that podium, it really made me proud, thank you for staying through to your academics and excelling

Congratulation my dear, I am so happy, so much I could pass for a drunk now, to my coz, I love you so and I celebrate you today. 
Happy convocation

Happy graduation party my dear, you are now in the labour market and I pray you get a chance too show your talents. 
Wish you the best

Congratulation to my little brother on finally graduating, it seemed like yesterday and now I'm really happy for you. 
God bless you

Congratulation my prince and brother, I am happy that your have scaled the rigors of school and now that you are a graduate, I hope you have a job that will meet your needs.
Congratulation once more

Congratulation on graduating my friend, I am happy to finally say those words because its been long overdue. 
I wish you a amenable labour market that will sit well with your desires. 

Congratulation my friend, I am do happy for you and you really deserve it because you strove hard enough. 
I am so happy for you

Thank the heavens my brother, you have laid the mark for me to graduate from the university, I am so happy and I wish to follow in your footsteps. 
Thanks for doing us all proud

Congratulation my son on not being amongst the drop out but for making me amongst the proud mothers that sings panegyrics for their sons. 
God bless you and once more congrats on graduating

Congratulation in being the boy with dreams I always believed in
I wish you even more better exploit to come out in the world

Congratulation my dearest sister, it must be such a blissful feeling that after all those weary days you have finally graduated.

I bid you a happy graduation my friend, I am so happy for you. 
May your from henceforth even be happier in not even seeking but making an employment for yourself because I trust in your ingenuity

Congratulation my uncle on your graduation, I am so elated in your cause and I wish you better things to ensue.

Congratulation my lovely big sister, thank God for your sake and I am happy that you have achieved this feat. 
God bless and guide you. 

Congratulation on bring amongst the many few to be celebrated for graduation my dear son. 
I am sooooo happy for you.

20 Reply To Wedding Congratulation Messages

After a congratulatory message to you, what better reply can you get than this. 
Try them 

Reply To Wedding Congratulation Messages

Thanks my friend, your congratulation and being with me is a proof of your friendship. 

My friend, I am so happy to be wedded and I thank you for your congratulatory messages. 
I pray you get yours too, soon

Congratulations my lovely bro, I am so happy to call you my brother, thanks for being my best man and for congratulating me first, I'm grateful.

Congratulation my beautiful sister, I am drawn with joy and ecstatic reverie to be finally in a beautiful hearth and it is not unnoticed you being all there for me, thanks for your congratulatory message

Congratulation my dearest friend, I was welled with tears of joy seeing your heartfelt message in congratulating me in my wedding, thank you for being the person I've always known you to be.

Congratulation my dear, I am so happy for what you have proven yourself for my sake to be, a friend not by request but by choice, thanks for caring.
God bless

Congratulation my dear friend because I already know that your own long awaited wedding will also come soon as you have celebrated mine. 
I must say I am happy because of your care. 

I must say I was impressed and touched by your heart-warming message to me. 
Thank you for your message and kindness. 
I'm eternally grateful

I'm so happy you stood by me in my worst and now in my happiest, I thank you for congratulating me and being there. 

Thanks to you, I had a wonderful wedding and I pray that your will also experience this unexplainable joy I am experiencing right now. 
I wish you the best in Jesus name

Thanks my friend and to the gang for bidding me adieu in the best of messages to bachelorhood.
I love you lot bros, no homo

I am filled with joy in untold amount my friend because your acknowledgement bodes more special to me than anyone else, thank you for you message. 

With a rejoinder of joy, I say a big thank you on gracing and congratulating me on my wedding day. 
Thanks and God bless so much

Congratulation my friend, I am happy to hear your still care for me as a sign of true friendship..

Thanks so much my kith and kin for your well wishes, your truly made me a happy man on my wedding day. 
God bless

Thanks my lovely bro on telling me all you did on your congratulatory message,. 
Thanks for everything

Thank you so much for seeing my bride walking that aisle would not have meant as much if there was no you and every one I love to be there for me. 
God bless dear. 

To a very beautiful letter of congratulation, how can I better it than to say a big thank you for acknowledging my wedding. 
Love you dear

I am my happiest knowing every one I love including you being there to spark my wedding with light and joy was there and upon your message of congrats, I just want to say a big thank you. 
God bless dear

Thank you my friend for wishing me your best, I am absolutely convicted your shall find a joy as beautiful as I have. 
Thanks my dear friend