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20 Cute Things To text Your girlfriend

Tell that special lady and with a most cutely penned message you love him now

*Cute Things To text Your girlfriend*

All I wish right now is see that your magical smile trained at me

You have no idea how I miss every burning ember of your skin next to mine darling

I wish I'm there with you right now, well, I'm always wishing so. 

At work but I just can't help but wishing I called in sick today to be with you

How did I get so lucky?
You make me the luckiest person on earth

You are the reason for there being a smile on my face today

Always and forever I want to be yours till the last of us

You kill me softly with your touch and I am happy to be like that in your arms

Hello love, I'm thinking of us tonight on a date for two 
What say you?

In your heart in happy to have found home because you are been in mine long since before you knew

When you get home, think of your most hidden fantasies because I'm coming to fulfill them

I must confess I was not ready for love but your love took me by storm 

Only you could have pulled that kind of stunt on me making me fall in love with you even though I never asked but thank God you were stubborn

You are a real man and I couldn't be less happy to have fallen in love with you 

I can't put up with a second of your absence because you are my world 

I'll cross the seven seas if it means loving you every single day and go the unmatched miles even because I love to that much

You are everything good in my life I'm happy to experience

Your love is like a magic from a wand, it's special

You touch my heart in ways you alone have ever done and I'm happy you did

All of my life I've never seen yet your kind.

20 Cute Text To Send Your Boyfriend

He may be the guy but don't let that stop you from showing emotions. 
Ladies, text that cutie guy you live telling him how you love him now

*Cute Text To Send Your Boyfriend*

A friend and a lover your are to me more so than any has ever been

I wanted someone like you all along now in just wishing all men are like you because there'll be happy women all over the world

A man like you can never be because you are of your kind, specially made in love for me 

I just can’t believe someone like you exist because you are too good to be true

You are everything my soul desires

I just can't stop thinking about being beside you every night I get to sleep without you

I know being crazy isn't all a good thing but I'm happily and crazily in love with you

I don’t know if it's just me but I feel Like nothing can take away from me what you've deposited in my heart

Every thing about you and the way you look gets me do high in love with you

I remember our first meeting and I feigned I hadn't been watching your all along tell myself who let the heavens open to let escaped one of his most precious angel. 
God must be furious now

Every thing about your personality is just so simple and sweet

No one can make me feel special as you do and I love you for that reason

I've had lovers in the past but you are the definition of a true lover

I love you and need I say more than show it then I don't mind shouting on top of my lungs that I really do

You make me happy and that's something I wouldn't trade for the whole world

Meseems often that if you had not existed I wouldn't too because we were made for each other

I cannot imagine loving another, you are my all in all

If true love has a definition then in you is all the details

I can't help falling in love with you every day because you give me new reasons to every time

You are my favorite thing in my to do list, each day without you is incomplete

20 Good Messages For Her

Make her know you what and how you feel for her on a daily basis, that one goodnight lover of yours. 

*Good Messages For Her*

More than how a boatswain loves the smell of strong ale, I love you so much my belle

I feel a million dollar better when I think of the store of your love I'm my heart

I thank God I love you because any other is less

Tight from the start I loved you immediately because your caught a figure in my eye that is pristine and beautiful

I Love you too baby, Loved you and will Love you till I'm six feet under

You make me feel insurmountable and like I could do anything all because of love 

Thoughts of you is like a touch from the Saint's hem. 
Is magical

Whenever you are close to me I feel the heavens have come through you

I gat me a fine wife and a beautiful home. 
Thank God because of you u could say that

In your words I could be drunk and by your kisses I swear, food never tasted better

You are where I belong and without you I am lost 

Red roses, starlight, angels and ask I could think of yet you are more beautiful than them all

Nothing matters more to me than seeing you happy because even the world I'll give for that sake

Each day I think of me less and you more because you are everything good in my life

Tears soaked in my face, despondent of life and vexed with all I'm my life, years ago my diary said now it's magical to see how fast because of you all that have changed

You ate the high of me and for that sake I never want to get low again

The dearth of your face is a death to me

To come home and find your already waiting for me, dressed in your best with smiles all over, it's what is the definition of picture perfect

Your touches are like oases in the desert, they fill me with hope and ecstasy

Life was a riddle you help me solved, my love. 
Thanks for it all

19 Cute Texts For Your Boyfriend

Texts are a huge part of a relationship that makes it beautiful Witt perfectly penned ones. 
Make a cute one too him now.

*Cute Texts For Your Boyfriend*

I love you I'm ways that is unimaginably unique for a heart should feel because you are a special sight

Your kisses are as deep passionate Love flowing from a wellspring of Love

You are more than a best friend, my other half and a lover not your are all in one

You mean more the world to me and I love you just the way you are 

Without you I am not what a woman should be but with you I feel more than a woman

You have my heart, treasured to your keep to store it safe so please take care of it 

As long as you love me and even beyond, I'll love you always and forever

I don't know what I did to be given you by Fate but I pray you keep loving me as you do

You are what I forever want to be found doing Love you so much dear

Let's stay this way forever my love with not a care for the worst, you and I 

Every day I love you more like on a scale that never goes down

You are my favorite mistake if you'd are a mistake, you are my happiest sin if loving you is one, and you are my sweetest taboo if loving you is a taboo

You are so deep in my heart that if you are removed, I will die because I can't live without you

My love for you is nothing like I've ever felt in my life before

You are like the light that came to chase away the darkness in me

I feel summer in your eyes even when it's cold because you are my warmth

Your love makes me happy to see each new day

You make yesterday a happy history thinking back on it

You make tomorrow a sweet mystery because thinking of the love you give me that blossom better everyday I feel like the next day will be better than now

21 Things To Say To Your boyfriend To Make him Smile

The perfect and pertinent message to make that guy lover of yours happy is this.
Send to him just that with this lost 

*Things To Say To Your boyfriend To Make him Smile*

Loving you was , has been and still is the best thing to have ever happened to me

You loving me is all I'll ever need because you open my eyes to feel what life sweetly gives

I lose my senses feeling love for you and I'm happy to

You make me happy so much I'll ever rue the every time I spend away from you

My love, when you call my name I get so happy to know that I'm ever fell in love with you because you are to me the best thing I'll ever need

You are the center of my universe and  the very reason I am thankful to have seen each day I lived

My love you will never part not now or in worlds to come

You are my mind and soul's joy, I love you more each and every day

I love you more with each passing day, never less but with more joy replete each morning again

A rose's brilliance has nothing on you because you are the most beautiful thing in my eye

If there's one word to I say how precious you are too me its like a banana to a monkey

You in one word are priceless to me 

Call me stupid but for you I'll take a fall because you are my life. 

For you I'll do anything because you are the reason I still believe I'm love

There's nothing that can ever rent us atwain because we are bound in love

The fantasy of you and me is the best dream I never pray to lose I'm our reality

My name is not the sweetest note there is but I love it when your day it

You stole my heart and since then I never pray you gave it back because you are the sweetest thief I have ever seen

Me being yours has been the best thing I have ever done in my life

You in my life makes it worthy of living

20 Cute Pictures To Send To Your Girlfriend

You've just found the perfect pictured messages to send to brighten that lucky lady.
Feel free to send these, they are magical

*Cute Pictures To Send To Your Girlfriend*

I'm convinced I'm spending the rest of my life with you because your love is true

For me there's no replacing you, your are priceless beyond compare

As long as I am me and you are you, IP never fall in love with another as I do you now. 

In spite and despite it all, I can love only you because my heart refuse to beat for another

Even if I had a heart transplant, my heart will beat for you still

You are the only reason I breathe and want to breathe still

You make me feel like life is useless without a smell of you

My love for you is as the width of the east to west

I love you more each day as though my heart will soon not be able to contain it all

Because I love you, there's nothing these days that beats me up because I know it'll all turn by a look in your eye 

As long as I remember your face, my happiness is secured because you are my God sent

You are the fruition to my long time prayers

It was said to love someone as yourself, well, I just fulfilled that because I love you even than I do myself

You are to me not just another person but you are everything

Your love matters to me more than a thousand sunshine

I'm not the me I wish when I'm without you

Your love heals my soul of frailties and flaws 

I am most happy to have found the one for me through you

If to all day fall in love with you, still it'll never suffice because I love you each passing day everyday

I love you and with this, I want you to think of me as I do you every milli second of the day

19 Sweet Things To Say To Make Her Smile

Be sure you've found the perfect messages to make her smile, blushing and in more love for you

*Sweet Things To Say To Make Her Smile*

You are like my favorite TV show I dare not miss

In your love, I swear I'm the happiest for the jolt of electricity I feel loving you is one of its kind

My heart skips a beat each time I as little as hear your call my name 

The only thing I want in life is you because your give me purpose

You are the only person that can be worth leaving everything behind for

I loved and love you as I will do even when I am old and grey 

You are worth more than the worth placed on anything Neva you are beyond worth.

The best love is the kind only you know how to give

You awakens my long fallowed soul.
Thanks my love 

You make me dream to reach for more than I ever bargained because your love makes me feel limitless

The love you plant in my heart is as strong as wildfire in my heart

You bring peace to my mind and soul in happiness unbeknownst

I hope to give you forever all you've given me. 
Happiness and a better tomorrow

How the love you show to me make me see the world better through your eyes

I look at you and I look heavenward every day to say a prayer for every finding my angel

The rest of my life is in front of my eyes every time I see you

You bring me such happiness I never want to gainsay

If your love was a religion, I'll never be an apostate

The greatest happiness I felt through you and I knew I have net the one

Your are the light of my life shining through the dark

22 Texts To Make Her Smile

Whilst Love is a feeling to be felt by the heart, it is geared by words that make each of the parties involved happy to stoke the said Love. 
Feel free to use from this to make that girl smile now

*Texts To Make Her Smile*

Here's the thing about my love for you, it's hard to put into words because there's no word enough to say how much I do really love you 

My love for you runs the gamut of ecstasy to pure thrill

Your love inspires the child in me

With you I feel like there's no end to a happy day

To accomplish all with you or nothing without you, I'll still choose because without you everything is still futile

The craziest and most amazing thing I've ever done with my life is loving you and I am happy I did

Your love brings out the best in me

My life is nothing like it is when I'm with you, you make me so happy

Your love make me happier than I ever wished for

I have been a fool since not finding you but you make my life all worth it now

Your love elates me to a soaring height each time I think of you

Without you I'll feel like a deflated balloon

Each and every time I can't help but think of you because I'm happily addicted to you

Everything associated with you is my most prized possession

Actually you and you alone brings me happiness and without you it's all sadness

I can't help falling in love with you everyday because you are just so pristine

In your arms, there's nothing more better

The sound of satisfaction is when I lie on your chest listening to you tell me you you love me as I do you

No words to explain my feelings for you, it's inexplicable

A pretty tough order it is to ever be a love again as the one I feel for you

You make me feel butterflies all over just thinking about you

You are my favorite subject to talk of all day long

20 Send Text To Wife

Ways to stir and make a happy matrimony involves commitment from both parties as simple as texting each other too. 
Try that without these apt messages now

*Send Text To Wife*

I've never loved you more than I do these days because you are the reason for my happiness

When I think of all the good things life has given me, your name comes to fore

I love you not for show but with every beating drum in my heart

You make me feel butterflies each time as though we were just married

Ten years down and I don't love you any less than I do now

Because of the joy you bring me life has never been better

The way you make me feel is like I am dreaming even when I'm awake

You shower me with love stronger than I could have hoped, thank you my love

I forever want to live to love you, lest I don't want to live at all

You make life a living heaven even in this hell called earth

I want to love you so much that you will never want to lose me

I want to make you feel like my love for you is and will ever be unmatched

The only thing I trust in life is love and all because of you I know what it is to love. 

If marriage has been defamed I promise to make ours an exception by the happiness I make you feel with me

I know I can't give you all the world and the gems in it but I promise to love you so much you'll not see the need for them

My love for you like the heavens is divine and shall last as long as I breathe

As far as I have strength in me, my love for you shall never wade because I love you like nothing else in comparison

If your love was a religion then I never want to apostatise

You are the addiction I am inclined to and I want not to build a home so long as its not you I am building it with

You are the reason for my "why" because you alone give me purpose to live and die for

20 Cute Messages For Your Crush

To get in the good graces of your crush, well, tight just found the right messages to help stir that person's heart in love with you too 

*Cute Messages For Your Crush*

Dear crush, I know I may sound as a stalker but I've loved you even since before you've known it and even now I love you more

I love you and I don't know if it's just a passing fad but I know it's as strong as the reason I still breathe

You make life a happy place with you in it and if only you'll say yes to me, you'll have made a happy man of me 

Like an addiction I can't do but think on the day you'll finally say yes to me, dearest crush

I know I love you but I only wish you'll pass the light of your gaze on my wish one day and be mine

The days never shine bright I don't think of being yours all the time

I know it's beyond culture being a lady but I must say that I really love you and I'm ready to go beyond what's acceptable to prove it

You may not know be but I'm sorry I've loved you so long that even now I find myself in wishful reverie dream of us together

If only I knew the right words to say to get into your graces I'll say them right now but I love you and I just want and wish you'll love me the same

She's not the most beautiful but she is too me,  she is not the most brilliant but every word from her mouth is intelligent upon hearing them and though they say she has a not too good voice but everyday all I wish is that that same sweet voice say yes to me. 
And that's you my dearest crush

I know I am I'm thrall over wishing you'll one day become mine but I can't help it because I know I truly love you

Is it bad to want something that's not yours, please don't say yes because I want you to be my sworn love in truth and in happiness

They say humans don't appreciate that they have till they lose it, I just hope you see me for you worthy because you are every reason I believe I want to live for 

When I see you I see the reasons why I want to be yours and your, mine

It's a pity my love for you go unrequited but I guess that's life we all go for things that ordinarily is beyond us but I can't deny I loved and love you still

If only I could forbid my heart your name but it beats foolishly for someone that will probably never sing along to its song and that's you my dearest crush

You've turned me to a day dreamer wishing always you'll as little as look my way all because I love you this much dear crush

I only wish one day you'll love me as I do you because you never know but when you say, "Hi" to me, to you I'm just another person but to me that's the highlight of my day

How can I reason well when even in class you are the TV screen of my eyes dearest crush

Please tell me if there an antidote from loving you as I do because I suffer in pain alone knowing that you don't love me as I do you but maybe you do and you just mask it but I want you to know I love you so much