Tuesday, 21 February 2017

26 I Love You Message For Girlfriend

Here are 26 i love you messages for your girlfriend

  1. I fell under your sway that day you came my way and said Hello! because you made my day
  2. Your love is like summer coming after a long winter
  3. I, myself learn each day the height of my love for you because it transcends the skies above
  4. I only hate myself for not finding you since and Love you so for being the final piece to complete my life
  5. I will run away with you today, even if you are guilty of crime
  6. You leave me breathless, each day you let me see your face because it says you love me without saying a word
  7. It's no small thing to have stayed by myself knowing you have all along been in the world because your love has come to open my eyes to all I was missing since
  8. Until you did I know it is possible to die for love because for you, I, more than can
  9. You are my everything that is good and in which nothing not good always come
  10. Always and forever, is what I promise to you because my forever begins only with you
  11. Let me forever be you heart guard, guarding me from heartbreak
  12. Your love to me is like a beacon, a lull when times are ever hard
  13. I am so much in love with you like a drowning man would give anything for a little air
  14. You are like wine to my bud, that a little taste makes me drunk but with you, I get drunk in love
  15. I love with without weigh because there's no scale to measure how much
  16. True love exists with you and you only because with you I understand why Romeo can die for Juliet
  17. So long as I can see you, nothing can really make me feel at a loss because your love is my biggest gain
  18. Like a butterfly with gentle wing and a wind with smooth blow, so is your love with a tender care
  19. I love you with a love that before now was unknown to man
  20. If my heart was a book, you'll see your name imprinted in all its pages because that's how dominating you are too my thoughts
  21. I love you with every breath I own and every light yet in my eyes
  22. Because you chose me out of all, I now understand how it is to feel on cloud nine
  23. You are my ecstasy and pure delight each time I think of you, I am filled with your beautiful smile
  24. I thank the maker each day knowing he loves me so by bringing you my way
  25. Your love is a gift of a thousand wish and dreams combined

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