Thursday, 23 February 2017

Give Love

Give the beauty, the star in your eyes speak
And let me float to touch your bliss
For in my darkest woes
Your burning dust shine brightest

Give the best of the best of you
Not the dregs of yourself
But a love outstanding in a standing night

Give not heed to toy with my love
But with a love nothing can destroy
A heart not coy of love to own

Give readied your heart
To fall over and again in love
That we may bask in it
For love is vain if shared by one
So open your heart to me

Meet me at the stairways of joy
Should you requite the love I give
And with the same love receive

Give your love all to me
All of you for all of me
Make love not warring heart
And let's share our happy part

Not a cold heart give to me
But a trusting one in love, ready

Give yourself to Cupid sting
Then by virtue, let true love bring

Both our joy and we mayest cling

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