Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Love For You

My heart is like an open book
That for you to read of alone, brook
Come learn in the depth of my passion
That my love for you knows no season

For hen I espy you stride
Sweetly always, it does to my inside
Like when a pageant move
Fine earthly graces, it does prove

When I hear my name
By the mouth of my dame
Its like when the heavens speak
Just like that, time stops to tick

O! when I lie to hear your song
On your chest where your heart belong
I hear the truth your heart says
That they call fur for me always

O! my lover, these all my proof
That to you, I'll never be aloof
To love you, my sweet lover
Till I cease to be able to lover anymore
For my love for you can be stolen by death alone

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