Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Lover

Once again as days elapse

Hoping perhaps I see hee
Lapsing into despair
And a relapse to solitude
Many naps in the day time
Because distance separates us

O! the days are long
So long you are far
The days are cold and dark
So far as you stay away

To make your face on every girl, I scent
And see your smile where they are absent
Crazy me indeed without her
Like a suckling baby wanting his mother

My Aduke,
Come and bring with you
My joyful hue
Take away my tears 
And bring with you, my cheers

Cupid stings me
But I love only thee
You face is like Midas gold 
Come and my heart hold

Because you are like a garden
And your nectars alone, do my heart wish

Come O! Aduke
Come back, my Lover

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