Tuesday, 21 February 2017

True Love, Come

Love may have eyes but surely is blindfolded
For loving takes my judgement
If ever I do love you now
Yet blind to love faults
Is that this facts stands true indeed

O, my princess
I beat seasons and time
Did for you, many crime
Spoke lies in face of the truth
And truth in stead of lies
All because you beckoned
All because I loved

What poison are you
That I may love to do wrongs in your name
To exchange my virtue for vice
To sell my soul for your price
What folly is love
To teach me its vanity
And, I in joy take for felicity,
Your feign guarantee
And smile with glee

O! Cupid let me love no more
Your sting, keep evermore
For your ancient bow have wrongly erred
To give me a lover that adds to my tears

So Amor, come and give to me a true lover 
Borne of your lovers sting
That I may love a love worthy of a lover to a lover
For I yearn but of true love.

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