Thursday, 16 March 2017

Love Of No Better Form

So long, a debtor I have been

And this realization seen
That long as your heart, I own
I am yours and yours alone

That as a heavy mother craves
So do I want the very essence of you
As love belays me to your heart
To wish to forever with you stay
And never to another depart

I have seen many ladies come
In beauty and in graces aplomb
But no beauty save the gild in you, do I truly see
Like brightsome stars up above
Like glitters of a thousand stars
And in those light that portrays you
I know even in the seeming darkness
In your eyes, shall path be set in light

O! your love makes my inside drum
With a love of no better form
For in your love, I'll always trust
As in your embrace, I can never be lost

Love Quotes

Indescribable, undeniable and immutable is your love to me and mine for you

With a love strong
Young and ever bold
Will I love you forever long

I love you with all of me and with all of nothing left

My heart knows only your name like an unchanging anthem sang

You are the love God gave to me through fate, you, yourself and all that is yours alone

Through every wave and thought the stare of grave, I'll love you still with a stronger crave

I love you nonetheless and with a love never less

Being with you makes forever seems so short

I pray your love never wane fur me for nine for you will never do

I am fond to love you as love as I breathe and live

You are the food to my belly, the sustenance to my soul and a fairy's wand to my heart

You are my wish and dream making me have no need of both

Thank you for loving me with the bottom and depth of the beauty in you heart

I will need nothing better of life than to feel the beauty your kiss alone allow

My cynosure, my heart pleasure and the lover of my life is what you are to me

Monday, 13 March 2017


Straight from the citadel

Of the threshold of your heart
Is where I want part
With you as my belle

Like flow upon waterfalls
From high a source
So from up above
Do your lovely blessings pour

O! and I like saint's hand
With hands to pray
Count my luck in you
To see God love me much
In you coming my way

You raged the raging seas
Mount the stormy breeze
Forgave my many faults
And loved me a love in lots

If love knows a bound
Then love is untrue
For your love teaches me so
In constancy, true and faultless

O! I will forever love you
Hold to your thought
And your face recall
Your smile make
Your path betake
And your sweet graces tend
Even if in them, I meet my end

For in the darkest of days
And worst times of night
Your love stands tall
As beacon to call
Amidst all and none

Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Joy

The words of love I hear
Tells to me, you care
And when the dust settles

We shall together, forever be
For as the sun powers the day
Your love fuels my might
And as the night has the moon
So your love has my boon

Like the King of hearts
So, you make me
For I die whilst I yet live
The day I chanced upon your face
That day my senses died
To in your every sway, believe
Upon sweet happenstance

O! your love maims my senses
Your beauty holds with graces
That when I taste of your kisses
I feel the ember of a thousand suns

Like a grass needing dew
Do I of your love need
The sustenance to my heart
The braces in my frails

Your love holds in me no bad
But tempts from me, a bard
To sing of happy line e'en I think your thoughts

O! what is love if you are absent from me
And what is joy if I find you missing
Not there to share of my joyful bed
Or be the pictures to my head
For you are the victuals to my heart
My joy, my bliss and all that life can ever sweetly give

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Áyànfé Mi

My love, what have we become
What love do your heart now each
By the lovelessness of your acts
Do you tire of me?

And need no more of my love
Have we been all this while, two lovers
And now you love me less than a lover

The music in my heart
Or the dirge you now call
The song bird of my soul
Or like parrots to your ear
Like a sweet mirth of paradise
Or the deserts of hell
What am I now in your eyes?

Am I the love you professed
Or the receiver of your new hate
What do your lips confess?
Do it your love for me, say
Or remember no more of my face

Áyànfé mì
My joy
In all our journey
You were to me than money
They say that nothing money cannot buy

But for your smile, I will yield the world
For your love, I will defile impossibilities
For your face, I will derail from all trace
Held in the pockets of your bliss, I will give my life
For you are my beck, my substance
That without is no substitute ever made sweeter
For your love is mine and that one thing I will never let go
For you to me are everything

Call upon me

Like a shoulder, when you cry

The dryer of your beauteous eye
The words in your lips when you fear
The boldness in you when you tear

For you are the sunshine when rain persist
The only strength in my fist
The one drug I dare not resist
For you are the only thing in my brain's list

When hope's lost
When tear is first
When life hits you hard
And like a teary bard
You are beset by regret

Just call upon me

Like the chest of draws
Will I like straws
Feed you of my love
From the wellspring of bliss
Upon you, my sweet heart 
Will I share it's part

That to have your fill, you will
My love, know you have my Will
For your love holds my fate
And in you alone, can I call my sate

My name upon your lips, set
As easy as the alphabet
I will come running in my heels
For you are what hinged me to ease

So my love in weakness, use my strength
In dearth, have a fill of my mirth
In tears, joy in my care
And when you cry
As long as beside you, I lie
Joy in the sight of me
For the love I bare you is one and in itself,

Into My Love

Into my mind apace

Straight you walked
With your beautiful face
And as we met and talked
I knew my heart could not balk

Into my soul as you came
My mind and thoughts alike
I knew there and then, I had met my dame
For my soul felt your fair like

Into my pain and past
From the years afore gone
Your love came fast
And bid my sorrows begone

Like buds of roses
Not the basest of thorns
Without a wand like Moses
You came as the true one
And wrought a magic of love

Bliss upon bliss 
Grace upon your facials
And love borne upon your especials

Woe their wistful eyes
Upon to take you from me
For as long as the atop be the skies
Your love shall always be mine
As my love is always for thee

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Cute Love Text For Wife

You are the only one I want to wake up next to ever with

What is love if you are not here beside me, my sweet lover

Your love is like the scent of the blessed scent which takes away my tears

I love you with a love that is never quick to die

You are like honey dressed up in gold, and your love has altogether my greed

To tell you I love you each day is not a word said with levity because I love you with every fiber of my breath

Thank you for loving a person like me with every strength in you

You smile make me tingle
Your face lights me like candle
And your touch eases all my struggle
I love you my sweet lover

With everything I have and yet to have, is what I will use in loving you

Nothing means more to me than seeing you happy because when you are, I am too

You sideways have a way to make me feel special and fur that I love you so much

I don't know much about anything but for you, I want to know all about everything

If ever its loving that you want then, know with me you'll have your fill

To tell you how I love you, it's simple because I won't have an answer as long as love for you has no limits

Tue love to me is always an addition and multiplication she never a substitution or division

I am what I am now, happy because God made me know you

Friday, 3 March 2017

Utter Love

With loving love
Twixt us not of hate
A bringer from above
Your lovely pate

With sprinkled star dust
In the tresses of your hair
Whereof I can be lost
In the majesty of its lair

With such gaze of nothing better
Of ruddy roses portray
Like angels in the heavens yonder
Such beauty does your face say

Beautiful than the words called
Not of letter but of your graces evident
For you are on all of my heart wall, walled
With the incense of your lovely scent

For you, yourself and all that is yours
Is of which love hast placed me by fate
To love a love of love's true first cause
Wherefore you shall never have my hate

But of my utter love, shall you sate
Today, tomorrow ever a love, so great

All Weather Love

In winter,
My shelter
In summer,
My warmth sharer
In spring,
My heart cling
In rain,
My rainbow
In sunshine
My cloud nine

In moonlight
My stars in sight
In the thick dark
My glowing spark
In the windy days
My heart belay
In the sorrow,
My scent billow
In the pain
My gain

What more of my belle
She is my wishing well
The smile in my face remain
My one true bliss amain
She is my edge of paradise
The true love that ne'er dies
True truth of no better trueness
For she is all of my sweetness
My joy constancy and never less

Thursday, 2 March 2017

True Lover

A song alights with a chant
To sing your name till night
Like a songbird sweet rant
Singing sweetly by springs sight

On my brain, this song rhymes
To say to you my stored desire
Up till now buried since time
For your love burns in me as wildfire

A nightingale soft shush whisper
Bid to her your conscious hope
And your heart like a lover
Withhold not a feeling cope

So love, hear you the words, they speak
My love for you is never cold
To grow stronger as time faster tick
Ageless, timeless, priceless and never old

To love you through the times of night
When you need my strength for might
Should you hope to see through my sight
Tight, through the stormy cold without light
Your pillow companion, your secret sharer
And to love you through whatever wrong or right

What Are You?

What your love is to me
I search hence and yon

Beyond a reason I yet know

Your love is like dandelions
Spreading through and beyond
Your love is like the stars
The joy in me that glisters
Like the ruddy roses
So is your fair face of faces
Your love is like heavens hue
Nothing is sweeter than to see you

Oh my love if love has a name
Then with you must it be renamed
For your love is without alternation
Filled with the sweetest passions
That gives me sweet palpitation
All day with your mention
That eases all of life tension

Like phoenix rise
To each day arise
Knowing your love awaits
For that, I will evermore wait

Because you came with a dish of love
And like a waitress, served me the warmth of your joy
Like Manna sent from above.