Monday, 13 March 2017


Straight from the citadel

Of the threshold of your heart
Is where I want part
With you as my belle

Like flow upon waterfalls
From high a source
So from up above
Do your lovely blessings pour

O! and I like saint's hand
With hands to pray
Count my luck in you
To see God love me much
In you coming my way

You raged the raging seas
Mount the stormy breeze
Forgave my many faults
And loved me a love in lots

If love knows a bound
Then love is untrue
For your love teaches me so
In constancy, true and faultless

O! I will forever love you
Hold to your thought
And your face recall
Your smile make
Your path betake
And your sweet graces tend
Even if in them, I meet my end

For in the darkest of days
And worst times of night
Your love stands tall
As beacon to call
Amidst all and none

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