Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Call upon me

Like a shoulder, when you cry

The dryer of your beauteous eye
The words in your lips when you fear
The boldness in you when you tear

For you are the sunshine when rain persist
The only strength in my fist
The one drug I dare not resist
For you are the only thing in my brain's list

When hope's lost
When tear is first
When life hits you hard
And like a teary bard
You are beset by regret

Just call upon me

Like the chest of draws
Will I like straws
Feed you of my love
From the wellspring of bliss
Upon you, my sweet heart 
Will I share it's part

That to have your fill, you will
My love, know you have my Will
For your love holds my fate
And in you alone, can I call my sate

My name upon your lips, set
As easy as the alphabet
I will come running in my heels
For you are what hinged me to ease

So my love in weakness, use my strength
In dearth, have a fill of my mirth
In tears, joy in my care
And when you cry
As long as beside you, I lie
Joy in the sight of me
For the love I bare you is one and in itself,

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