Saturday, 4 March 2017

Cute Love Text For Wife

You are the only one I want to wake up next to ever with

What is love if you are not here beside me, my sweet lover

Your love is like the scent of the blessed scent which takes away my tears

I love you with a love that is never quick to die

You are like honey dressed up in gold, and your love has altogether my greed

To tell you I love you each day is not a word said with levity because I love you with every fiber of my breath

Thank you for loving a person like me with every strength in you

You smile make me tingle
Your face lights me like candle
And your touch eases all my struggle
I love you my sweet lover

With everything I have and yet to have, is what I will use in loving you

Nothing means more to me than seeing you happy because when you are, I am too

You sideways have a way to make me feel special and fur that I love you so much

I don't know much about anything but for you, I want to know all about everything

If ever its loving that you want then, know with me you'll have your fill

To tell you how I love you, it's simple because I won't have an answer as long as love for you has no limits

Tue love to me is always an addition and multiplication she never a substitution or division

I am what I am now, happy because God made me know you

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