Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Into My Love

Into my mind apace

Straight you walked
With your beautiful face
And as we met and talked
I knew my heart could not balk

Into my soul as you came
My mind and thoughts alike
I knew there and then, I had met my dame
For my soul felt your fair like

Into my pain and past
From the years afore gone
Your love came fast
And bid my sorrows begone

Like buds of roses
Not the basest of thorns
Without a wand like Moses
You came as the true one
And wrought a magic of love

Bliss upon bliss 
Grace upon your facials
And love borne upon your especials

Woe their wistful eyes
Upon to take you from me
For as long as the atop be the skies
Your love shall always be mine
As my love is always for thee

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