Thursday, 16 March 2017

Love Of No Better Form

So long, a debtor I have been

And this realization seen
That long as your heart, I own
I am yours and yours alone

That as a heavy mother craves
So do I want the very essence of you
As love belays me to your heart
To wish to forever with you stay
And never to another depart

I have seen many ladies come
In beauty and in graces aplomb
But no beauty save the gild in you, do I truly see
Like brightsome stars up above
Like glitters of a thousand stars
And in those light that portrays you
I know even in the seeming darkness
In your eyes, shall path be set in light

O! your love makes my inside drum
With a love of no better form
For in your love, I'll always trust
As in your embrace, I can never be lost

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