Thursday, 16 March 2017

Love Quotes

Indescribable, undeniable and immutable is your love to me and mine for you

With a love strong
Young and ever bold
Will I love you forever long

I love you with all of me and with all of nothing left

My heart knows only your name like an unchanging anthem sang

You are the love God gave to me through fate, you, yourself and all that is yours alone

Through every wave and thought the stare of grave, I'll love you still with a stronger crave

I love you nonetheless and with a love never less

Being with you makes forever seems so short

I pray your love never wane fur me for nine for you will never do

I am fond to love you as love as I breathe and live

You are the food to my belly, the sustenance to my soul and a fairy's wand to my heart

You are my wish and dream making me have no need of both

Thank you for loving me with the bottom and depth of the beauty in you heart

I will need nothing better of life than to feel the beauty your kiss alone allow

My cynosure, my heart pleasure and the lover of my life is what you are to me

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