Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Joy

The words of love I hear
Tells to me, you care
And when the dust settles

We shall together, forever be
For as the sun powers the day
Your love fuels my might
And as the night has the moon
So your love has my boon

Like the King of hearts
So, you make me
For I die whilst I yet live
The day I chanced upon your face
That day my senses died
To in your every sway, believe
Upon sweet happenstance

O! your love maims my senses
Your beauty holds with graces
That when I taste of your kisses
I feel the ember of a thousand suns

Like a grass needing dew
Do I of your love need
The sustenance to my heart
The braces in my frails

Your love holds in me no bad
But tempts from me, a bard
To sing of happy line e'en I think your thoughts

O! what is love if you are absent from me
And what is joy if I find you missing
Not there to share of my joyful bed
Or be the pictures to my head
For you are the victuals to my heart
My joy, my bliss and all that life can ever sweetly give

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