Thursday, 2 March 2017

True Lover

A song alights with a chant
To sing your name till night
Like a songbird sweet rant
Singing sweetly by springs sight

On my brain, this song rhymes
To say to you my stored desire
Up till now buried since time
For your love burns in me as wildfire

A nightingale soft shush whisper
Bid to her your conscious hope
And your heart like a lover
Withhold not a feeling cope

So love, hear you the words, they speak
My love for you is never cold
To grow stronger as time faster tick
Ageless, timeless, priceless and never old

To love you through the times of night
When you need my strength for might
Should you hope to see through my sight
Tight, through the stormy cold without light
Your pillow companion, your secret sharer
And to love you through whatever wrong or right

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