Friday, 3 March 2017

Utter Love

With loving love
Twixt us not of hate
A bringer from above
Your lovely pate

With sprinkled star dust
In the tresses of your hair
Whereof I can be lost
In the majesty of its lair

With such gaze of nothing better
Of ruddy roses portray
Like angels in the heavens yonder
Such beauty does your face say

Beautiful than the words called
Not of letter but of your graces evident
For you are on all of my heart wall, walled
With the incense of your lovely scent

For you, yourself and all that is yours
Is of which love hast placed me by fate
To love a love of love's true first cause
Wherefore you shall never have my hate

But of my utter love, shall you sate
Today, tomorrow ever a love, so great

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