Thursday, 2 March 2017

What Are You?

What your love is to me
I search hence and yon

Beyond a reason I yet know

Your love is like dandelions
Spreading through and beyond
Your love is like the stars
The joy in me that glisters
Like the ruddy roses
So is your fair face of faces
Your love is like heavens hue
Nothing is sweeter than to see you

Oh my love if love has a name
Then with you must it be renamed
For your love is without alternation
Filled with the sweetest passions
That gives me sweet palpitation
All day with your mention
That eases all of life tension

Like phoenix rise
To each day arise
Knowing your love awaits
For that, I will evermore wait

Because you came with a dish of love
And like a waitress, served me the warmth of your joy
Like Manna sent from above.

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