Saturday, 29 April 2017

15 Inspirational Morning Message

If you don’t wake up right now with your full might, you will never be able to achieve that dream you saw last night. Good morning.

“Good morning has a new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope. It’s a perfect day because it’s God’s gift. Have a blessed, hopeful perfect day to begin with.
Good Morning.

“Morning is an important day of life, because how you spend your morning often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

The withering away of the darkness and the rising of the sun signifies the most important aspect of life – despair giving way for hope. Good morning.

The biggest sources of motivation are your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win. Good morning.

The greatest inspiration you can ever get is to know that you are an inspiration to others. Wake up and start living an inspirational life today. Good morning.

This is not just another day, this is yet another chance to make your dreams come true. Good morning.

Even the smallest of thoughts have the potential to become the biggest of successes… all you have to do is get up and get going. Good morning.

This morning will never ever come back in your life again. Get up and make the most of it. Good morning.

Like the untiring new sun, wake up each new day and start new
Happy morning to you

Don’t blame God for not showering you with gifts. He gives you the gift of a new day with every single morning. Good morning

Always know difficult roads leads to beautiful destination
Good morning

All is required to beat down failure is wake up to start again anew another day
Good morning

Good Morning – this is not just a greeting. It signifies a hope that the beautiful morning will bring a smile on your face and happiness in you

16 Shakespeare Quotations

Love all, trust none and do wrong to none

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

Desire of having is the sin of covetousness

Wisely age slowly, they stumble that run fast

Moderate lamentation is the right of the dead, excessive grief the enemy to the living.

…be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.

If music be the food of love, play on

The course of true love never did run smooth

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves

No legacy is so rich as honesty

Cowards die many times before valiant men never taste death but once

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind

But men are men, the best forget

To do a great right, do a little wrong

I wasted time and now doth time waste me

The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream

15 Christmas And New Year Images And Card

All that makes me happy for noel is to see the gathering of my loved ones and it includes you

Happy Christmas to you my dear, I wish you all the best in life

Nothing compares to the ecstasy of a new year and I wish you all of that
Happy New Year my love

May this Christmas be one to remember for you.
Happy New Year

My heart and love goes out in your absence and I wish you all the best.
Happy New Year

Happy New Year my love, may this new year usher something great to you

I wish you a felicitous return of another year to come.
Happy New Year My love

Happy New Year to you, I wish you all the best in life

On this candlelit night ushering the new year, I wish you all the best in your affairs

Happy new day, new month and new year.
I wish you a lovely fortune

I wish you a joyful Christmas and a joyful new year

I pray that you get hit by the train of goodness in Jesus name

As you see this new year, it shall be a cause for joyfulness.
This, I pray for you

Nothing shall cut your joy on this blissful new year.

May the rousing grace of goodness visit you this new year.

15 Best Smile Messages

I can watch you smile all day and still not be full of it.
I love you that much

My heart with your love is like a smile on me that came from heaven

Your smile is the beauty of the skies that shine through any storm

You make me defile impossibilities and smile when I think of you alone

If you can be my TV screen
My eyes food and the only thing to my eyes all day
I promise I need not watch anything else because I can smile all day sated in you

The joy you give to me is one I am forever indebted to

My heart speaks a joy that is unexplainable, unmistakable and undeniable and that's why I can always smile with you

Man is made by choices and I chose you because you gave me the joy no one else did

The love I bare you is as beautiful as the smile you give

I am but like a pitiful morning needing the sun to shine, your smile

You make my life so beautiful and forever I want to return that favor by making you smile

I love you with a love that will never be exchanged from the smile in your cheek to the crease in a head

Left to me, I only want to deposit my love to you that you become full of it and smile all the time.
I love you so

If I live everyday, it's to see the smile on your face never wane

My love to you is one forever till death shall part us.
For I always want to see you smile

17 I love you message for girlfriend

You are the best definition of a girlfriend, because you are my girl and my best friend

Nothing avails best to me than your words

My ally, my joy, my accomplice of life and more are you to me

The light amidst the thick darkness is what you are to me

The sun in my lonely sky that gives a blinding blaze is how to explain how you make me feel

When I think to give up, the thought of you makes me know there is something worth living for

Your heart is where I see myself like a mirror

Nothing can change the love I feel for you except it increases it

I will always love you with all of my being

The honey that all other honey pales to is what you are to me

In love is where I want to be witty you forever

I am forever grateful to fate for bringing you my way

As long as I live, I will wait for you even if in the underworld for of us were we made for each other

Proof of my love is not in my words but my deeds because in loving you, I will always prove it

You are the strength that strengthens me not food but you

I shall you alone even if otherwise stems me in the face

How much I'l love you knows no height or depth or width or understanding

13 Cute Friday Text

Its Friday, thank God I get to think of you alone

You are every reason my Friday are blissful.
Thank You

My love, I went through Monday to Thursday thinking of how to spend the weekend with you.
Happy Jolly Friday

Fridays are my best days because I get to think only of you

Waking UP from Monday to Thursday is so as to not see you DOWN on Friday

Fridays should be nicknamed better because I am my happiest to think of you then

There's no sweet weekend without a preceding Friday night of us together

May God bless those that discovered weekends because, Friday night will never then have been

This is the sum of my week
To go through Monday thinking till we can more times to ourselves then Friday fulfilling that wish

Lovely day to see you again is the definition of my Friday

There's no better day than the absence of weekdays and presence of Fridays

If Friday night never existed, I would have despaired to love you better

Nothing says happiness than leaving work early to be with you in Friday night

13 Congratulations for the new Baby Message

He is a jolly good fellow and shall always be
Congratulations on this fruition of your every prayer

May this bundle of joy be of joy truly
Happy plus one in the family

A thousand and one joy have you brought to the world by this lovely baby.
May joy overflow in multitude

A day of birth is better than death and of this birth shall mirth through blessings follow

Joy to earth, a life has come without strife.
I wish you all the best

He/She shared your womb on his/her journey to earth so may your joy not be cut off by his lack

Congratulations in order to this grace earth has given

The innocence in a child's eye has visited your home to turn your sweet sweeter.

I wish you all that life can give, little one especially making the home happier

What a joy to behold a thing new anight this, little bundle
Happy first day on earth

He's a bough from true love, I wish that love flow even more in your home

No joy can be compared to the sight of a mom on her new born babe and may that joy last evermore

This felicity in the form of a this little one shall never be seized.

16 Thank You Mum

Words of thanks pale to all you are too me, mum

The words MUM is this
M-- Magical being
U-- Unwavering lover
M-- More than a human

I will ever be grateful for accompanying me through my nine months journey to the world

The finality of your love to me is the beginning of its understanding, my sweet mum

I love you so much than I can ever give expression to how

As long as you are near, I know your magical presence through it all shall pave out light amidst dark.
Thanks mum

There's nothing better than knowing you are always beside me even when far.
Thank you sweet mom

You are the first, last and best mom life could have ever given me

I love you so much mum.
More than my words can describe

God knew he hasn't a representation in you to me, that was why he gave me you

Even if earth pass away today, I'll be grateful I had you as my mum

You are the cream of all the blessings God doled to me

Thank you mum for the unimaginable things given to me that I'll never truly know its gravity to thank you enough

You are my universe, because you made my joy yours and forever will I make yours mine

There is no one like your love on earth mum, no man or woman born of a woman can love me like you do

As long as it concerns your love, no other compares its truthfulness and constancy, my one and only mum

16 Cute Good Morning Message For Her

You are a part of the glow from the high heavens and your glitter makes me life shine.
Happy Morning my love

Waking up next to you is the flowing grace of a bountiful manna from heaven every morning

There are three things I only love to do every morning
1)Waking next to you 
2)Waking beside you and
3)Waking up with you

I wish you a lovely morning today, tomorrow and to forever dwell in joy. 
Good morning

Your face every morning is my own sun
Good morning love

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing you the first thing in the morning
Good Morning

Mornings are not morning neither is night itself without stars, so I am nothing without your love

Lying to sleep, I think of you she while I wake, I think of you. 
And when I wake to see you, I know I have find my grail.
Good Morning My Precious

From my sweet little drum of a heart to you. 
Happy morning my beautiful miss

I choice hearing your voice before the crow because then do I know the morning shall be sweet

May the hidden treasures of the morning glow in your bosom rest truly
Good and Merry Morning I wish you

You are the reason life gave Mr another morning to see
Good morning love

I will adore the spark in your eyes
The glow in your smile she grace in your love so long as the mornings I still see

Happy Morning my love rise to bask in the fruitful morn with love

I wish a thousand times your face abound in a million mornings, then only have my mornings be good. 
Happy Morning to you, my love

I wish you ask and more your wish yourself of a blissful morning.
Happy Morning to you

14 Good Morning Text For Friend

No hood thing shall be find wanting but as the morning breaks shall your joy never seize
Good Morning My Friend

Through thick and thin and through it all, I will cherish our friendship than before
Good Morning my Lovely friend

A friend as you has proven better than a brother. 
Good Morning my pal

Two can only be better if one if one of the two is you. 
Guys Morning Friend

I thank the stars to have you as a friend
Good Morning

May the morning be guys to you add YOU are to me
Guys Morning

I stay tug all that shows itself worthy of goodness they you might have a taste of your own worth which is goodness
Happy Morning to you

May today as other days be hallmark for goodness to reign
Good morning My bosom friend

As you rise, may the rousing of joy fill your strength anew 
Guys Morning

A friend indeed are you and the reaping of the morning joy she'll never be found wanting to you

You are not asking in your walk of life my friend,  in morning noon or night you can count on me
Happy Morning to you

Do not fret for our friendship transcends all earthly ones. 
Good Morning My Friend

Thanks for the gift of your friendship my friend
Good Morning To You

You are to me the most bosom than a brother.
Good Morning My Friend

16 Cute Good Morning Text To Her

I wish that as you wake, you take with your breakfast my love in every teaspoon

The golden blaze in your eyes is more compared to the sun. 
Good Morning

I wish you the most fecund morning than you ever had. 
Good Morning Love

Wake and shine as is your wont, my sweet angel
Good Morning

Nothing can reduce my love for you like the foundation of the earth

As lovely as you are even the morning steals from your graces.
Good Morning My Lover

In the morning as soon as the sun break from the clouds, I wish you joy tarry forever to never leave

Like happily spring break, I wish your joy abound bountifully in beauty

Webbed unto the hinges of joy, no course I wish shall take away the joy in your heart
Good Morning Love

As you take to your mouth, your meal, do remember your heart meal, ME
Good Morning Love

Good Morning and may the morning be better than yesterday

Part of me never wants to leave you at night but part of me is happy because every new morning, your face glow like a new sun

To watch you spin and yawn in the bed before you wake every morning is best movie I've ever seen

As the morning unlocks a new day so do your love unlock a joy unbending in my heart

Good Morning love, I hope the night gave you a befitting treatment as the queen that you are

I wish you a morning as beautiful as the newly scented rose

15 Sweet And Funny Message

I miss our days together when we do those crazy things lovers wouldn't dare do like farting and belching at each other's face

I know when I see you my heart smile even though I mustn't show it to you, lest as all guys, you take me for granted

If my love for your was like a 
hoop everyday day I'll make 3 points

I can for the love of you go gaga as Lady Gaga.
Please save me 

I want to wine and dine on your heart and have my sate.
Please let me

The sustenance of my love has nothing to do with me but the Manna of your love that matters

I miss the days when you hold me and make all other busy body girl's eyes pop open like Popeye

If I was told that for each of my saying, I am you, I die slowly.
Then I'll use my last life to say.
I love you

I love you so much that I could kiss you till your lips lose its hue

Your love spark the cold embers long dead in my heart

Nothingness is what you leave me with when I have to go those God-forsaken days without you

If time allot me the chance to be with your all the time, then I'll just choose to live all my days in your heart

There's nothing except one that I'll like to change about you and it's your last name

Being without you is like a fish without water, and a letter without a receiver

I have no charge at life should you take a chance to love me no more again. 
Please don't

Friday, 28 April 2017

15 Cute Good morning Text To Her

If the skies ever put of its light, in your eyes will I still be alright.
Good Morning My Love

Every morning I wake to see the new gift life gifts me wrapped in the beauty of your smile

Waking next beside you is the one thing life will always be appreciated of by me

So long I wake with you in the morning in joy, my night can never go bad

There can never be another than the sun in your eyes that glow each morning

Every single morning dew that dropped today is the blessings from the night before as you are to me a blessing after the dark times

Good morning my pillow sharer and bed companion

Your face light the light of a thousand suns

Your smile when you wake to tell me Good Morning launches the sail of joy in my heart every day

Words of love from you is what I want to hear every morning because it makes my day blissful

Loving you is the one thing I can wine and dine on from there night till morning come and never tire

If love is a sky above then I have met the right sky and in you my sun

The sum of all my joy is when I wake each day to see you lying beside me already

The only noise that is sweet to my ear is the sound of your snoring in the morning before you wake

Your beauty when you sleep is the best of you and when you wake, I can stare at you all day long

18 Message About Wife And Husband

For your sake, all that I have, can I sacrifice if loving you becomes a choice

Nothing in this world means anything without you coming to make it something

Your love to me is like the push send button always activating my heart

Love is like a child, gentle and meek, I know because your love makes me so

Daily in you, I want to forever dwell sweetly because you mean more to me than gold

Your love is a grace that bought my pain to give me a joy that can never be lost

Without your love, I am like the moon lost in the clouds

What I wanted of life was all and more you gave to me

Your love is like a window to heaven because through your eyes, the angels soar

As long as my heart knows how to count in numbers , your name will my heart sing like the alphabet

In the deposit of my heart, your love stands tall like an unmovable pillar

Like the moon takes its shine from the sun, so do my joy takes from the joy you alone give

Loving you is the one thing that never loses its novelty in my heart

I loved, love and as long as I live shall love only you

What life has offered me by giving me you was more than all I needed because you are more than a dream come true

Great is the love of you in my heart standing tall like dunes upon a shore that can never be abated

Your love to me is like a scorching sun warming all the coldness in my heart

The heat of your love glows a thousand fold than the sun

16 Love Quotes For Husband

You make me believe in miracles

You are like a fairy with a wand that takes away my tears

I will love only you as long as I breathe only life

You are my life because you are the every air I breathe

You to me are like a lock to a door, for you alone has my code

You say it best in turning my day good especially when you say nothing at all but smile with those golden smile

You hinge me to happiness as a boat is moored to the shore

Thank you for coming my way and bringing with you all the joy that comes with your presence

Your smile is like Midas hands, it turns my worry to joy

Every day I dream of you, I see the reason I need to wake to be by you

Your name is like a mantra my heart still never stop beating for

If loving you is a crime then no other option is better

In your heart is where I want want to be domiciled

Loving you is my most prized possession that I'll never seek to lose

In loving you, will I never fail even if the earth fails to be anymore

Your love to me is like a waterfall of Manna from the high heavens

16 Love Quotes

Overwhelmingly, Fortuitously, joyfully and serendipitously, you make my heart robust in joy

I love you with a love more constant than the seasons

My love, you can count on if ever anything will fail you

My love for you is one beyond depth or heights or limits and bounds

You are the one reason life has the meaning it has now for O look forward every day to see you when I am without you

Your love hits me with a sweet touch each time I think of you, I can only smile a thousand smile

I am crazy in love of you because from you stems the very essence of my joy

Thank you for making this house, a home

If to dwell forever with you, still forever will fail to sate my yearning for you

The parts of true love I never knew until the day I chanced upon your sweet heart, is the reason why I will never want to lose you

If ever I am asked of my pastime, it will be loving you till I can no longer love again which can only be by death

Your love to me is like honey to a parched taste and wine to a jolly man's lips

Your kisses are like the touch of grace from the angel's lips

Every inch of you each day is what I'll never tire till want, like the search of the long lost grail

I love you in frails,  in ails, in wails and n all that is of me.

I love you with a love that like the seas will never run dry

16 Love Quotes For Wife

If to born again, I'll choose you a thousand times over

You are to me like the air that a dying man gasps for, because without you, I can't live

If eternity exist, then I want to spend it with you alone

My love for you is from now to the ends of the earth

I need nothing more than I need you because having you quenches my want for all else

In your bosom, I know I am assured of rest because you are like a balm to my heart

I love you with every fiber of my might and every dregs of my soul

You are the better part of me, I never want to lose

When life holds me thrall, In your love I know should I fall, I'm guaranteed of safety

You are the reason for my happy existence and I'll never for anything yield your love

You make me feel like I can. touch the sky without wings

You love to me is a blessing that betters all the others God gave me

You make me feel like I can die happily for love because I know still I shall love you even in the depth

Thank you for letting me take part in your sweet heart

Your love to me is like the depth of open treasures never lacking in surprise

As long as I live, I shall love you like tomorrow won't exist

16 Boyfriend Quotes To Girlfriend

If loving you requires a pay, I'll lend money and be in debt for you

I will always and forever love you for you saw me at my worst and steered me to my best

I love myself only because I chose you, as you make me whole

If I love you less, my heart should fail because loving you is like sustenance my joy

If to fall in love a thousand times again in another life, I'll choose to fall in love with you over again

If time would rewind, I will want to remain in your arms as long as I live

In your gaze alone even without words, I hear Cupid soaring with his wings

I don't understand how to put two sum together but I know how to sum your love for me which is innumerable

I have no need of eyes because your love see for me

You are the reason my sky is blue and my heart still beats

To come as with my love like offering, will I to love you for all of your every love given

If love forces me to become an outlaw, as long as it is you, I will break down any earthly law

You are the results of the many dreams I dreamt before I found you.
Thank you for the dreams come true

When lovers in joy come, in front shall I stand because your love daily makes me joyous

As long as earth still persist, my love for you will never seize

Without hands your love touched me and without eyes blinded me.
It's when I knew, love is magical