Friday, 7 April 2017

11 Miss You Message

When you get back, you have to make up for the weeks we lost because only that can placate this yearning I hold in my heart

I only wish I wouldn't need to be without your all the time because you make me understand what to look for in a lover

I know I'll die to see another day without you. 
Please save me from myself

I lie on my bed with your scintillating fragrance all over the pillow because I miss you like crazy

I miss the very little thing at hearing you say my name.
Please don't forget me, come back

They don't know how much I feel about you save God alone because right now I feel empty inside

You give me do much joy when you are beside and when your are far away, the obverse is the case

You are the cause of my love and my pain.
Please come back and return my joy

I know its expedient you work and fulfill your obligation as a man but forgive me if I feel this way because I miss you so

Would rather ask days were weekend and you won't have to work because I miss you by weekdays so much

Maybe being a housewife is my curse but being without you is your cause because I miss you, your kisses, your warmth.
I miss your too much and it scares the life out of me.

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