Saturday, 29 April 2017

13 Congratulations for the new Baby Message

He is a jolly good fellow and shall always be
Congratulations on this fruition of your every prayer

May this bundle of joy be of joy truly
Happy plus one in the family

A thousand and one joy have you brought to the world by this lovely baby.
May joy overflow in multitude

A day of birth is better than death and of this birth shall mirth through blessings follow

Joy to earth, a life has come without strife.
I wish you all the best

He/She shared your womb on his/her journey to earth so may your joy not be cut off by his lack

Congratulations in order to this grace earth has given

The innocence in a child's eye has visited your home to turn your sweet sweeter.

I wish you all that life can give, little one especially making the home happier

What a joy to behold a thing new anight this, little bundle
Happy first day on earth

He's a bough from true love, I wish that love flow even more in your home

No joy can be compared to the sight of a mom on her new born babe and may that joy last evermore

This felicity in the form of a this little one shall never be seized.

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