Saturday, 29 April 2017

13 Cute Friday Text

Its Friday, thank God I get to think of you alone

You are every reason my Friday are blissful.
Thank You

My love, I went through Monday to Thursday thinking of how to spend the weekend with you.
Happy Jolly Friday

Fridays are my best days because I get to think only of you

Waking UP from Monday to Thursday is so as to not see you DOWN on Friday

Fridays should be nicknamed better because I am my happiest to think of you then

There's no sweet weekend without a preceding Friday night of us together

May God bless those that discovered weekends because, Friday night will never then have been

This is the sum of my week
To go through Monday thinking till we can more times to ourselves then Friday fulfilling that wish

Lovely day to see you again is the definition of my Friday

There's no better day than the absence of weekdays and presence of Fridays

If Friday night never existed, I would have despaired to love you better

Nothing says happiness than leaving work early to be with you in Friday night

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