Monday, 10 April 2017

13 Cute Friendship Message

My friend, I know how much you mean to mean and how hurtful it is to part ways but all those years will stay forever with me
Lots of love, Your friend

I am so happy to be befriended by you. 
You are the best thing to happen to me, my good friend

My life is a joyous write because I met a good friend in you. 
Thanks my worthy friend

I am having a hard time qualifying you, my friend because you are more than a fairy to me

More pristine and precious are you than any other to me
I love you my friend

If heaven should abruptly come. 
The one person I would want to see first is you.
My best friend

I know that I cannot know a reason to be sad all for the sake of you. 
Thanks my most beloved friend

I love you with the wholeness of my heart and the song in its beat.
Thanks my good friend

To my most faithful friend and ally. 
I love you for staying with and by me through it all

I believe in love and true friendship only because someone like you also exist somewhere else.
My true friend

Some friends wish your end, others that we think are our foes are not so but you are the embodiment of all I wished in a perfect friend.
Thank you so much

I despair on time for not letting us meet at a younger date
I love you so much, my friend

My heart is indebted for knowing that you have fed it with joy too many a time. 
Thanks my friend

You are to me, a great friend, mentor, lover and care taker. 
I love you so much, my friend 

Words will pale my friend to share the love I have in my heart for you. 
Thanks so much

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