Tuesday, 11 April 2017

13 Good Night Sweet Dreams Message

Maybe the immanent stars visit you in their brightness at you sleep tonight

I wish you all of my love, my love
Good night

I want to wish you the best of warmth this night

In sweet repose may your soul find the deserved rest.
Good night my love

Good night my love, I wish you the best of nights
Sweet dreams

Should you have a nightmare, just call on me and I'll be your dream catcher
Good night my love

It's your voice that makes my life worthwhile than it already is
Sweet dreams my love

Tonight shall you dream of me and should you just call my name, I'll be there. 
I love you so much 

You are truth in my eyes, the love that remains and the beauty in my tomorrow.
I love your so much
Good night 

OMG, I dreamt of you that you dreamt of me.
Good night my love 

Night is incomplete without you, thanks for loving me as you do

May the stars be rather dark than your sleep be troubled.
Sweet rest my love, I wish you

I want you to know I think of you more than you know.
Happy Night rest my love

You are the one I want to want me so much than the temple wants
Good night my love 
I love you so much

You are the only reason I could have a sweet insomnia
Good night my heart's love

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