Thursday, 6 April 2017

14 Cute Good Morning Love Messages

My mornings are like sweet sorcery done because of you

The truth in your eyes is more constant than the tides of the seas and changing of times nor as sun in the day

I love you my lover with all the love in my heart, than night or day, than light and beyond darkness

Thank you for being in my dreams yesterday.
Good Morning Love

Forever with you, I want to feel what true love is every night and day to share our happy morning together.
Good morning my love

In the mornings, my coffee scents like you because you are all I wish to see

Each day as I wake you are the first sight that chaunts on my head

You are to me like the happy blooms of early spring.
Good Morning My Love

As long as the sky has the sun in its arms, I'll love you with all my thoughts

Like the morning cuckoo, so do your name rings on my brain each second of the day

In its pure bliss, do my morning come when I am with you

I am nothing without your love as the the day is nothing without the sun

Saturday mornings with you are my best, because I can lie with you as long as your heart like my pillow is willing

I am like a happy child playful in the morning when I am beside you

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