Monday, 24 April 2017

14 Cute Love Text Message

I love you more than I am privy to say because your love is the most beautiful thing in my life 

My Love, your love knocks me out cold and takes all my resistance when I dare think of anyone else

I love you with the wholeness of the sail in my heart

In the thick tome of my heart, each verses speaks of my undying love for you beating with the sound of true happiness

I am so much in love with you that without you is life without a meaning

You give me a reason to breathe

Your love makes me hopeful in life even when an experience as Job's tempts me

I love love for giving me you to love

In the genesis and revelation of my heart is none other than you, my first and my last

Nothing in this world will do if I am without you

My life revolves in loving you and in making memories of us that will be in times, a joy to remember

On the footprints of the sands of life, your love will be what I want to be remembered by

If earth waste to nothingness today, I'll be glad I loved you

You are the reason I am happy to see the morning sun and the stars at night.
Because they are beautiful when seen with you

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