Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Best Smile Messages

I can watch you smile all day and still not be full of it.
I love you that much 

My heart with your love is like a smile on me that came from heaven 

Your smile is the beauty of the skies that shine through any storm

You make me defile impossibilities and smile when I think of you alone

If you can be my TV screen
My eyes food and the only thing to my eyes all day
I promise I need not watch anything else because I can smile all day sated in you

The joy you give to me is one I am forever indebted to

My heart speaks a joy that is unexplainable, unmistakable and undeniable and that's why I can always smile with you

Man is made by choices and I chose you because you gave me the joy no one else did

The love I bare you is as beautiful as the smile you give

I am but like a pitiful morning needing the sun to shine, your smile

You make my life so beautiful and forever I want to return that favor by making you smile

I love you with a love that will never be exchanged from the smile in your cheek to the crease in a head

Left to me, I only want to deposit my love to you that you become full of it and smile all the time.
I love you so

If I live everyday, it's to see the smile on your face never wane

My love to you is one forever till death shall part us. 
For I always want to see you smile

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