Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 Best Wishes As A Student

I wish your success as you start your hours as a student too

I wish you the best of the best. 
Make me and everyone one of us that love your dearly, proud

It's something new, this sense of freedom as a student but I hope you don't abuse it
Wish you the best 

I am a proud father to the man you have become and I am happy to have sired you. 
Keep it up

Play now and pay later is the rule of life. 
I am happy you have paid all diligence to your studies and I wish you'll have a stress free life post-school

I can tell you of my experience as a student but its best you experience it yourself.
Do have an experience-filled life in school, Good and fun

I wish you, as a student all the good things you wish for yourself.
All the best

In life shall nothing hold you back and as a student, shall your exams be a formality.
I wish your the best

Be diligent as a student and nothing is impossible,
I wish you the best of everything

What you are known for will be a leader's worth and nothing less. 
I wish you all the best in school

From your matriculation to convocation shall be joy overflowing.
Wish you all the best

Hold steadfast in school and learn well because you are 'the tomorrow' this country wish for.
Take care of yourself in school

My thought goes out to you, in this new ambience you find yourself, make sure to include God in all this things, I wish your the best

Never forget that as a student, it's not always your books but growth in all fairness aa a person, do ensure you learn to grow because then you'll have something to impact on lives out there 

You are made for greater things, I congratulate you on your journey as a student being steadfast with your grades and all. 
Keep it up

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