Friday, 28 April 2017

15 Cute Good morning Text To Her

If the skies ever put of its light, in your eyes will I still be alright.
Good Morning My Love

Every morning I wake to see the new gift life gifts me wrapped in the beauty of your smile

Waking next beside you is the one thing life will always be appreciated of by me

So long I wake with you in the morning in joy, my night can never go bad

There can never be another than the sun in your eyes that glow each morning

Every single morning dew that dropped today is the blessings from the night before as you are to me a blessing after the dark times

Good morning my pillow sharer and bed companion

Your face light the light of a thousand suns

Your smile when you wake to tell me Good Morning launches the sail of joy in my heart every day

Words of love from you is what I want to hear every morning because it makes my day blissful

Loving you is the one thing I can wine and dine on from there night till morning come and never tire

If love is a sky above then I have met the right sky and in you my sun

The sum of all my joy is when I wake each day to see you lying beside me already

The only noise that is sweet to my ear is the sound of your snoring in the morning before you wake

Your beauty when you sleep is the best of you and when you wake, I can stare at you all day long

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