Tuesday, 11 April 2017

15 Cute SMS

You make my mornings sweet.
I love thinking about you as I am now this morning

I only wish you will see inside of me and know the magnitude of my love for you.

I feel like a vampire with you, feeding on your love like blood 

The one thing I pride myself in is loving you till I'm spent of love

I wish I never have to say this but it's true.
I love you than every other else

Your love is the adequacy to my heart, the star in my night sky and the light in my universe.
I love your so much

The heat of your love in my heart burns like a thousand sun

I mourn every dawn to wake without you but hearing your voice early in the morning fuel my senses

I love you so much than Cupid loves his bride. 

You to me are more than anything else that breathes 

In my heart according to love compared, your are the elder and every other is a younger 

Every other lover than you to me is true counterfeit

I bear a love for you that supersedes words and by my action alone can be proved. 
I love you too much

With the muchness of my heart will I love you today, tomorrow and every other day.

My love for you is so strong that it's 10 on a Richter scale

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