Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 For Girlfriend Happy Birthday Text

It's such a special day to me as it is to you because your happiness is my delight

What makes you joyful makes me joyful too 
I love you so much 
Happy Birthday Love

The special one is what you are to me, and happy am I to have you with me 
Happy Birthday My friend and love

Happy birthday love, I am the luckiest man in earth to have known you

Of all the ladies I have known, you have stood out in my heart
Happy Birthday Love

It's loving you that matters more to me and on this day I  just want to kiss you, Happy Birthday

I am so grateful that this day many years ago, you were born else I should not have met my lover and life
Happy Birthday Love

I love you with the wholeness of my soul and I wish you a lovely birthday of all

I pledge myself to be your present better than any other you can ever imagine to receive today.
Happy Birthday Love

Happy Birthday My love, no amount of gift will describe my depth of love to you but all the same.
Happy Birthday 

Today of all day, I am enamoured of you and it's so lovely to rise all to see your glow for this joyful celebration. 
Long life and prosperity, my love

The love I bare for you is the best thing to have happened to me.
Happy birthday my joy

I wish you a many return of all because it is in my profit to feel your love for me many more years to come

I love you more than you can imagine and in this special day of yours, happy birthday my love

My lover and friend, happy birthday to you

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