Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 Funny Weekend Message

Hurray, I feel on top of the world because my favorite time of the year has come

If anything is counted for love then nothing will have a greater lover than weekends itself

Even God himself must have smiled when the weekend was approaching.

The feeling when you see the love of your life coming and all you can do is smile and behold her with joy. 
That's you my love


If my life would end this day,
My only wish will be
I wish to have one more weekend

The culmination of all my boredom can only be solved by you, my lover, you alone cure all of weekdays ills
My sweet weekend 

When I close my eyes Saturday morn and open, it seems as hours pass but on Monday afternoon just a minute goes

I wish all days where weekend where I can just laze around and do nothing

If I had a wish I would wish all days were weekend

I always wonder why Monday seems to be so slow but Saturday morning goes so fast

God bless God for making a day as Saturday

The ones you chose work days of five days per week must really hate me  because all I want is to sleep five days a week

Monday morning is truly deserving of its name.
Mourning indeed

Oh! my weekend nothing can conspire to shorten my love for you
I yearn to see your face than food of wine 

Sleeping on Saturday mornings are the best sleeps I love.
Because in my sleep I dream I am sleeping

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