Saturday, 15 April 2017

15 Good Luck Wishes

As you step out in luck and to your every endeavor, shall you find as you wish
Good luck

Your luck is my luck
Wishing you good luck my friend

Next stage of your life shall be a stepping stone for another
Good luck 

You are friends ruth luck forever

Good luck shall follow alongside you always

I wish you sweet luck always seeming well

In good luck, may your substance be rich 

Nothing you wish by luck will come undone
Wish you good luck and life

You are well today as long as forever
Good luck friend

Wish you luck in your exams bro

Wish you happiness in marital bliss and not luck but as deserved and more

Here's wishing you all prosperity
Good luck friend

May success meet with tiff always at the right time
Good luck

When all things work against you
Good luck shall not fail you

You have the better share of good luck

I wish you all the luck in the world

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