Tuesday, 25 April 2017

15 Good Morning Messages For Her

Good morning my beautiful miss, how was your night, hope you romanticized on my thoughts and face in your sleep? 

In life, is a choice and I'll time and again choose you 
Good Morning Love 

You are the only one I want to grow old and die with
Happy morning my love

I love waking early not to watch the early sunrise but watch the sunrise on your face. 
Good morning my love 

The pledge of forever was made possible to me the day I saw you. 
Good morning my love

The only thing more beautiful than a beautiful sunrise is waking up to watch your yawn and spins and turns just moments before you wake. 
Those little things make me know that love really exist

If to wake up in the slums with you everyday, I'll be happier so long as I wake with you. 
Good morning love

I love you so much with all my heart, thought and soul.
Good morning love

I forever want to seek the never ending cycle of your love like the Grail. 
Good morning my beautiful wife

I have so much love for you greater than I can ever know because your presence is like the sun that chase away the dark
Good morning my sweetheart 

In the early morning, you are like a flower that just attained dew and I love to see you in your simplest. 
Good morning my lover

What you are to my heart is like a suction pumping the sweetness from your lovely heart to mine 
Good morning love

Your love to me is like a blessing from above all to the seventh heavens
Good morning love

You are the fuel to my joy every morning when I wake to think of you 
Good morning love

Felicitous morn to you my love, hope you had a wonderful dream about us?

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