Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Good Morning Text

I'm so grateful to the night to know you had a blissful sleep, wish you a blissful day ahead
Good morning love

Like the sun, I yearn to see your everyday
Good Morning My sweetheart

Wish you have a day full of my thought on your brain
Good morning love

Having to know I have your love for me makes my morning so wonderful
Good morning my baby love 

It's amazing how just a phone call to you in the morning stir my inside
O! what a beautiful morning to you

It's such a joy to behold you first thing early morning and place a kiss on your cheek then say, Good morning my love 

The warden of my joy is what you are, happy morning my love. 
How was the night? 

I want to wish you a nice morning shower of bliss
Good Morning love

I wish you the ultimate of all and it's my love thus far.
Good Morning love 

My heart searches your name all through dreams dreamt till I wake, that is how I love you so
Good Morning my baby

My heart is yours to own in tines and weather always
Happy morning to you

Never will I love you than in the morrow because my love for you knows no other peak
Good Morning love

I want to wish you a lovely day ahead
Good morning my beautiful miss 

Such a warm welcome I look to give to you this new day but I came up with this better than anything else
Good Morning My heart true love

My love, I am like a moth so taken to your flame
Good morning my love

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