Sunday, 9 April 2017

15 Good Night, Sweet Dreams Message

I count the stars and think of you, I hope you think of me before you shut your eyes too

I am a wisher of love hoping to be wished by you.
Just speak my name and I'll be in your dreams. 
Night, my love

Good night, my dear, I wish you the best of sleep than you ever had

The mercy of your love is the grace of my eyes.
Night, my dear

I wish you a nightmare-free night.
Have a blissful night dear

I want you to dream of me when you lie
Good night my love

If for every thought of you, I count the stars on a star filled night, yet the many stars will not suffice

I want you to know I care for you as you lie tonight.
Good night love

If I could profess my love to the moon to sail to you and give my love message, I would do so in an instant.
Night, lovely lass

I am so in thrall of you because you seize my eye from sleep.
Happy Lovely night my love.
I hope you find sleep better than I am finding 

The nights are lonely without you by my side.
I love you so much
Good night

Upon the stars and in the heavens do bright night wish dark star to shine and show your face to me 
Come my love tomorrow.
I miss you too much baby

I cannot help to brew in envy, the bed that helps your skin to lie 
How lucky
Happy night, my love

You are the only one I want to want me, be it morning, noon or night.
Good night my love age dream of me

I anticipate to see you tomorrow but for now, have a wonderful night rest

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