Tuesday, 11 April 2017

15 Happy Birthday Message For Her

Words cannot express through my quill the apt words to tell you how you mean the world to me but at least let me say this
Felicitous birthday I wish you

Unwrapping of gift shall follow unwrapping of pure bliss in your life even from hereon out
Happy Birthday

You are the welcome to world like the sun to the morning and in proxy for the world I say
Happy Birthday

Today is just another for others but today I celebrate someone wonderfully made
Happy Birthday

The day of your birthday shall we celebrate as it is due and not mourn

The chiming of the morning crow shall not ring of your dearth but a mirth in joy as you clock plus one today

Today is a joyous day of blissful converse, I wish you all the best in this day she more

Nothing shall cut what is bound to be joy this day and forever

Today is just a reminder that someone worthy came today and made my living beautiful

Today is actually the day I celebrate than the celebrant because you coming to this world has been a gift to me

Your being plus one year today is the reason I can see plus one tomorrow

The acme of all things wonderful, I wish you and more for yourself

Nothing in this world means more to me than seeing you smile and on this day, I rush you all that life can sweetly release

You are the true gift life has given me and any amount of gift will pale to return the favor

May this day be filled with goodness overflow like Niagara Falls as you celebrate today

Pictures of you in my mind tells me alone how so you mean the world to me
Happy Birthday Love

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