Tuesday, 25 April 2017

15 Happy Sunday

What a Sunday it is, and with all its peace it promise, I wish you a lovely rest

Wish you a wonderful day ahead, how was church? 

Happy Weekend my love, I wish you a lovely Sunday

In the bliss of the Sunday morning before work Monday.
I wish you a happy weekend

I am so happy to hear from you mum.
Happy Sunday to you

Happy Weekend To you my love, Wish your so of the stored joy for a happy Sunday 

A little bit makes much and pray you don't despise those little things
Happy Sunday to you, my friend

Hi, mum here's me sending my love to you
Happy Sunday Ma

My lovely wife, I wish to be here with you to wish you specifically but so the same
Happy Sunday to you

Lovely morning to you my love, I wish I could be there to share it with you

More than anything I can give, my love with all of my heart I wish you a happy Sunday

My Sundays is this,
All you and church too
Happy Sunday my love

My eyes stare but see nothing if without your love
Have a wonderful Sunday in the knowledge that I love you so much

Happy Sunday bro
I wish you the best better than you wish yourself
Take care

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