Friday, 28 April 2017

15 Husband Text To Wife

I know nothing of Chemistry except that I know your love is like an explosion in my heart

I wake up each day happy to know, you will wake too beside me on the left side of our bed

You are the good graces that lighten every day, my heart

There's nothing as loving as loving you all the days I have remaining

Never again will I love another as I love you, this I know because I love you without equal

Trustworthy to you will I be like a rose trust its sweet smell

I love you with every fiber of my soul as I live and as long as I will live

Truth in your eyes says a lot about you that I will love you till I die

When I see into your eye, it's like watching a lovely sunrise

I am not me except that I love you because me except you is a loss

You are the lid that prevents my flare, that's the only chemistry I know

If your true love only exist in dreams, please never wake me up

You are the wheel that ensures my heart moves fine. Thank you

How long I'll love you is how long I'll be on earth, everyday never failing to

I am blessed, I know because God made you for me

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