Thursday, 13 April 2017


They say
'Blood is thicker than water '
But you are water better than blood
Please forgive me friend

Forgive if I lost the meaning of our friendship along the way. 

You are the best friend I never want to leave and I will forever avow this. 
Please forgive me 

I am sorry for doubting the constancy of your friendship

A true friend will stay true to you when others think you are through and you are such one
Forgive me friend

Never again will I question your worth as a friend, please forgive and forget true friend

Your worth to me as a friend transcends any other thing
Thanks, true friend

I believe our friendship will see the light of day amidst this dark. 
Sorry my friend

Please forgive me, I miss our days together when we were best of friends

I did wrong in doubting you cared for me so forgive me my love

If only friends have friends like you in this world will the world be a better place.
Don't let our true friendship go to waste my friend

I trust you'll remember our times together and chose to forgive me.
Thanks my friend

I only await when you'll say you forgive my wrongs because it's only a matter of time.
Love you friend

Out friendship will always prevail over our mistakes and I believe dye that you'll forgive me

I love you so much more than the friend you are. 
My good friend, please forgive me

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