Tuesday, 11 April 2017

15 I Am Sorry Message For Mother

You are the nature of love, mom
Please forgive me

I can't stand to think we'd be at odd terms till now. 
Forgive me mom, I'm sorry

I will do anything to get back in your good terms.
Please forgive me

I am guiltless of many more than this mom but please forgive me because I know you care

The tiny bit in your womb has now come of age enough to disobey you but is also seeking your love back
Please forgive me mom

I can't go one more day knowing you harbor anger in your heart towards me please Mom forgive me

I beseech you mum please think it right to forgive me with the love wherewith you bore me with

Please mom forgive and forget the deeds I used to betray your trust and let's start anew

I hope you will learn to forgive me mum as hard as the wrongs I did was

I am still your children mum although I have erred please find it within you to forgive me

I would rather the world's hate than yours, sweet mom
I'm sorry

Nothing pricks me more than knowing I wouldn't hear a mother's prayers from your lips to me, please mom forgive me

I know you'll eventually come to forgive me but here I am despite that fact asking for your forgiveness please mom forgive and forget

Mom, you are the reason for my life, and bad cannot come from good so please do not hate me

I am more penitent than ever thinking now our good times those beautiful days as mother and son.
Please mom, I hope you remember them too and forgive me

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