Thursday, 13 April 2017

15 I am sorry Quote For Girlfriend

If only I never betrayed your trust but alas I did plead forget my wrongs and accept me please

My only wish is that you want me again.
Please forgive me

My day is is like a cloud filled sky without you, please forgive me

I love you so much she cannot think of the consequences of being without you, please accept my apology

I only ask God for one thing she it's to see your smile again, please gift me the sweet chance chance to

The day I met you and how I felt that day keep replaying on my brain. 
Please forgive me lass

I want to want all day for you but now in missing you. 
Please forgive me.

Please never leave me be.
I need you than air

Forgive me for thinking I could love without you

You are the smile on my face when I wake. 
The thought in my brain at work by noon
The last thing I think before I sleep. 
How can I then do without you
Please forgive me, my love

As an engine I am but useless without it's engine, YOU
Please don't do away with me

If you ever jilt me, I would rather death comes
Please forgive and forget my wrongs

If only I can tell you how so you mean to me, I hope you'll think it necessary to forgive me
Please forgive me, my sweetheart

I am but a pitiful guy with silly excuse for my wrong but please forgive me and all will be well 

Just say the words you love me again please and I'll be happy in love
Please forgive me

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