Wednesday, 12 April 2017

15 I Am Sorry Quotes For Boyfriend

I am sorry for betraying your trust please forgive me

In your heart space, please creep a place for me. 

I love you than love itself
Please find it in your gracious heart to love me again

You are the only man I can ever learn to love please forgive me

I know I messed up things please think it right to forgive me 

I have immensely sinned against you but I know you'll eventually love me again.
Please forgive me 

I only wish you will understand my love for you please forgive me

I love you too a heart that is unshakable please accept my apology

You are the fuel that pump my heart with joy please don't take that away from me

I love you ever strongly and never less. Please let's go back to before 

You are the joy God blessed me with please don't take that away from me

I love you so much and will never think to look upon another
This, I pledged you, please forgive me 

I want you to want me for you please forgive me and let's start anew 

I trust you'll remember my undying love for you and forgive my one misjudgement. 
Please forgive me 

I love you so much than life please don't deprive me this love,  forgive me

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