Tuesday, 11 April 2017

15 I love you message for boyfriend

I love you message for boyfriend

I would give it all to get a day with your should death look to take me away this moment

It's your love that propels my wings to fly because your love gifts me wings that takes me above common bounds

I love you so much than you can ever begin to imagine

The importance of your love in my heart cannot be underestimated

My love for you is the best thing to happen in my life 

When the earth rolls away into dust to signal the end I'll be happy I loved you

I am indebted to the loving of you so much I rather quit life if you choose to do so

My heart is a perfect hollow best understood by you alone.
Thanks for loving me

I want to love me as I do you because your love is the perfect thing for my imperfections

I want you so much than I ever want anything else

I love you so much than all other earthly relationship I ever made

The only regret I have of you is not meeting with you earlier than now

Until the day I met you, did life make no more sense
Were we you all this while 

My heart is tattooed with the ink of your name in depth and all truth

I love you so much than Romeo ever did Juliet because I know no other relationships is as strong as mine for you

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