Monday, 24 April 2017

15 I Love You Message For Fianceé

I swear an oath of love to you, as long as I breathe I'll love no other

If it's loving you want, you are welcome to share my world

You are as sweet to me as the victuals of the gods

Sweet insomnia fill my longing for you every day and night

At the very sight of you, my heart needs nothing more. 

Upon the altar of my heart, is a temple built in your name

I love you too much than even myself and everything else I hold dear

My love is built on nothing and no one better than you

You are my curse every night that with your thought I dare not see sleep.

You fill the void in my heart with the volume of your love
Thanks for your love

More than all of the niceties of life, I love you so much more than all of them combine

As long as earth fades not away to no more be, I will wait for you till the apocalypse

You are my surety and certainty and when I'm with you, I stand beside an army

The array of your love in the depth of my heart is the depth of joyfulness

If you are a book, then I'll want to read you all my life

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