Tuesday, 25 April 2017

15 I love you message for him

The only part of life that makes sense to me is the thought of you never leaving me 

The fire that will never die is what you are to me as an enshrouding flame

My love for you knows not the words 'perhaps' for it's a certainty

If loving you is outlawed, then for your sake, I'll choose to turn accomplice to that crime 

I will love and breathe you as long as earth tarries

My faith in your love is one that moves a thousand storm in my heart to profess everyday

Nothing matters to me so long if your face is still available to my sight, I'll be happy forever

You light up the dark words in me

All other lovers are vain to me because your love of all is the light amongst fake lovers

My love for you is the best thing that ever happened to my decades of stay on mother earth

I may not know statistics but being with you ensures my happiness 24/7

If love is a crime, then I want to be taken with you away to jail 

I have from my brain words and remembrance of love unto this day and it's all because you chose me

Happy am I to have met a true lover in you. 
Thank you my love

My heart is forever grateful to a lover as you that assured me of true bliss in which no one else can match

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