Tuesday, 25 April 2017

15 I love you message For Wife

From the day I first saw you, I knew life could not have fared better without you and I am happy you proved me right

My heart is forever larded with the magnitude of the love it holds for you. 
I love you so much, my love 

For your sake, I love it when insomnia comes

The mist settles to a clear ambience in my heart when I as little as but see your face 

Your love is the spark in my heart that makes the flower grows

My love for you is without blemish and forever fiery

I love you with a love that is indiscernible to the mind of lay men 

Your love makes me feel like a deity inside even if I don't know what it means to be one

I am yours, all of me for you if you'd let me love you with all of me

My love for you is nothing man will ever understand because I have for you a love above any idea how

Your love charges my heart like a charger to a dead battery

Loving you is the most amazing thing I have ever felt

Like a fairy with her magic, do your love unlock the depth of pure magic to me

I love you so much that oftentimes I think it's so impossible for even potion to make me un-love you

Your love to me is like a cart carried by a steed

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