Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 I Miss You Message, SMS

I miss you than a known drunkard misses his wine

I need you like a flame needs a wick to burn

If I wish for a day, it's the day you bring your visage back to me and return my joy

I want you more than honey and gold put together in one

In essence, your love is a magical wand that fuels my heart.
And I miss that magic, please come back

My love for you cannot be estimated or understood except accepted, I love you so much.
Please come back babe

I want you so much, like a rehab patient misses her drug

I know you are pained as I am to have to do these days without each other, God knows I count the days till I should see your again

Shorn of you is as comparable to death, my love, I am slowly dying

If I think of you too much I feel like a little child deprived of her new dolls to play with and is thus sulking

I think it's best to fall to a deep sleep till you return because each day is penance without you

The gavel of your absence hast left an abscess of pain to me

I think I am lost without you because I can't feel my heart without you

You make me miserable in love like a newly born babe without her mother 

I am overly in love with you, amplified because you left and I know this to be true because you leaving, left a hole inside of me

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