Sunday, 9 April 2017

15 Love Messages For Boyfriend

I love you for what you were, what you are and what you wish to be

My sugar pie, my honey, my heart other and sweetness.
All and more endearing terms yet no one befits you best than calling you
My Lover and Life

Like trumpet, my heart jumps to the sound of your sweet name

I love you with all the depth of open heaven altogether combine

My love for you knows no apogee or depth

I love you with a everlasting love that transcends the mind

My heart is evermore in your debt for making it beat happily

I love that I love you and none else. 

My protector and assurance is what you are to me. 
I love you so

Nothing compares to the gust of true love that blows my eyes when I see you

It feels like heaven knowing someone like you. 
I love you so much

My hope of love was met the day I chanced upon you but as per the norm,
I waited for you to say the first hi! 
O!  what a lovely day it was

Through it all, add long as earth tarries, I am your woman as you are my man

The promise of tomorrow and forever when I look into your eyes, I believe it  a thousand times

I can if allowed, shout out my love for you upon the mountain top, because it's too much to hold