Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Love Messages For Girlfriend

All day how I think of you is the best thing as highlight to a boring day 
Thanks my love for giving me something to live for 

You make my tomorrow to think of, so sweet, I love you so much. 
Thank you so

If life should end today, I'll evermore be blessed to have been loved by you

I love you with so much depth never ever tried before

My love for you is a truth that will stand through the ages to come.
My love, I love you so much

It's a love unlike any other, the love I bare you and I promise to never stop in loving you forever

More than anything else upon the face of earth is my love for you as strong as always

If loving have a currency, mine shall be spent on you alone

What is love if you are absent from me but no greater than nothing

My heart is evermore grateful to have found a true lover in you

You are my joy and without you is sadness to me

When I look out to the window and see all other lovers, I am grateful that the first thing to touch my mind is your face that assures my heart of your love

Nothing on earth or beyond can change my love for you, know this much is true

I can never have been spent in loving you, not now or forever

I love you so much that even the words to say how has not yet been invented

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