Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Love Messages For Her

I may not know history but I know my future is safe with you, my sweetheart 

The lover of my soul is what you are.
Thanks for choosing to love me as you do

You are the answer to the question of true love I asked of fate years ago

The pin number to my heart is shared by one and it's you alone

Your love for me is without a doubt the best to ever happen to me

I am the luckiest person on planet earth to have met a woman like you. 
I love you so much

The one constance in my heart is the continuance of your love as it sings as a beat

My love starts and ends with you and you alone

You are the sunshine that stayed in my sky when the rain persisted. 
I love you my love

Our fate is intertwined as one, that was why having not met you then, I knew I had yet met the true one

The only thing that could stop my loving you is not even death but should you not want me anymore which I know will never be 

The true love in my heart was made known the day I set my eyes on an angel, YOU 

You are all I need in love and without you is life without a thrill

My heart is larded with words to thank you for loving me unconditionally because I love you more than words can describe

The love I hoard in my heart for you is taller than the tallest mountain

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